Friday, April 20, 2012

Making Sentence for Primary Education completion Exam

Assistant = Mrs. Jamila Akhter is a shop assistant.
Kindness = I thanked the doctor for his kindness.
Can = I can help my mother.
District = Mr. Mahbub is in the district hospital.
Leap = He can leap like a horse.
Hospital = Mr. Mahbub is in the district hospital.
Sad = Sanjida became sad after her examination.
Climb = She can climb tree.
Hop = Mimi hopped on the bar.
Trot = A horse can trot.
Fly = Birds fly in the sky.
Copy = I can copy the words all.
None = None can avoid death.
Pain = Saifs aunt has a lot of pain.
Curious = All the students became curious.
Curiosity = I could understand my friend’s curiosity.
Forward = I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Bring = I always try to bring book in our classroom.
Something = We want to do something good today.
Worry = All the students became worried.
Quarter = It was a quarter past ten.
Department = He works in a department store.
Shift = I read in the morning shift of our school.
Serve = Jamila serves the customers nicely.
Interesting = Jamila’s job is interesting to her.
Paragraph = Write a short paragraph about yourself.
Complaint = Sabera had no serious complaint.
Prescription = The doctor gave Sabera a prescription.
Rain = It rains cats and dogs in rainy season.
Possible = It is possible to go to Dhaka by bus.
Friendly = Altaf is always friendly.
Helpful = Mr. Tamijuddin was a very helpful person.
Visit = We visited the public library yesterday.
Joke = Altaf tells us jokes and riddle.
Beak = The parrot has a red beak.
Common = The crow is a common bird.
Seasonal = The cuckoo is a seasonal bird.
Witty = Mr. Altaf is a witty person.
Imitate = Monkeys like to imitate.
Stranger = The stranger was really a magician.
Spring = We can see the cuckoo in spring.
Cage = Birds are not happy in cages.
Surprised = Shihab became surprised to see the buildings.
Hyphen = We usually use hyphen to join two words together.
Birthday = That day was Arman’s birthday.
Tub = Mimi jumped into the tub.
Noise = Mimi made a lot of noise.
Feather = The bird had green feather.
Independent = Japan is an independent country.
Interesting = The place was very interesting.
Beach = Cox’s Bazar is the longest beach in the world.
Peaceful = Bangladesh is a peaceful country.
Handsome = Mahmud looks quite handsome.
Complete = I completed the paragraph about Sonia.
Wear = The monkeys were wearing the caps.
Collect = The cap-seller collected the caps and left the place.
Fast = Nafisa has fasted for 15 days.
Embrace = After the prayer, they embraced each other.
Notice = He noticed a road high over their head.
Pillar = Flyovers are built on pillars over another road.
Construct = A Chinese Company has constructed the Mohakhali flyover.
Midnight = It was almost midnight.
Transport = There was no transport on the road.
Silence = There was silence all around.
Decide = He decided to see what made the sound.
Imaginary = The sight of an imaginary ghost made him nervous.
Magician = Aladin’s uncle was a magician.
Tremble = Aladin was trembling to se the genie.
Happily = He lived happily with his mother.
Vanish = The big genie vanished.
Dusty = The lamp was dusty.
Stranger = The stranger was a magician.
Staircase = He saw a staircase leading to a door.
Spin = She had to spin cotton to support her family.
Hump = Camels have humps on their back.
Wonderful = I had a wonderful time in Dhaka.
Noise = Students were making a noise.
Busy = My mother remains busy the whole week.
Whole = My mother remains busy the whole week.
Brick = Our school has brick walls.
Strange = Esha found herself in a stৎange place.
Vacant = I wanted a vacant room.
Giant = Some children used to play in the giant’s garden.
Haircut = I have my haircut once in a month.
Carry = Rubina was carrying a cameৎa.
Competition = The sports competition was over .
Realize = He realized everything.
Incident = That incident was a memoৎable event for Juboraj.
Sidewalk = Shihab stood on the sidewalk of the flyover.
Slave = It was the genie of the ring.
Silent = Aladin remained silent all the time.
Tears = Hearing the sad news, tears came into my eyes.
Tailor = Aladin’s father was a tailor.
Playground = We play in our school playground.
Rhymes = I bought a book of rhymes.
Dear = My mother is very dear to me.
Greet = Ouৎ teacher greeted us before starting the lesson.
Celebrate = We celebrate Eid after Ramadan.
Surprised = Saima was surprised to see so many tall building.
Return = The students returned home in the evening.
Shop = We went to a bird shop.
Independent = Bangladesh became independent in 1971.
Embrace = After Eid prayer we embrace each other.

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