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paragraph for JSC Exam

                                              Young Heroes
Young boys are called Young heroes for their important activities or roles in the society. Young heroes are brave, sincere and responsible in their duties. Anwar and Kashem, Rina and Luna are young heroes for their helpful activities. Though they were young, they acted like heroes. One afternoon Rina’s grandmother fell down on the street. They felt the necessity of taking her to the hospital. Actually it was a responsible work. Rina behaved responsibly by taking care of Tunu. She entertained her with a nice story. Young heroes are also very conscious about social progress. They try to improve their lot and condition. Some students wanted to make a garden. They discussed with their teacher and collected all the necessary things for the garden and made a garden in their school. They worked very hard in their garden. Their teacher praised them highly. That is why, like those young heroes, we all the young people should work properly as we are called young heroes.

Celebration is a very joyful and enjoyable occasion. In our text, an old lady named Mrs Siddiqua Murshed had an accident and hurt herself badly. She was taken to the hospital. While she was taken to the hospital, Anwar and Kashem helped her a lot. When Rina’s parents went to hospital, Rina looked after her younger brother herself. With the help of some young people, Mrs Siddiqua Murshed came round soon very quickly. After a week, she returned home and decided to invite those young people on a school holiday and their parents for a lunch as well as for a celebration. On the celebration day, all the invited guests arrived. The celebration began at 1 p.m. Everyone sat down and Mrs Murshed made a short speech. She thanked everybody for coming to the party. She said that she had an accident but she had come round soon very quickly for the help of some young responsible persons there. They really behaved very responsibly and she felt proud of them. Finally, she requested everyone to enjoy the lovely lunch.

                                     The annual cultural week of our school
Every solvent school celebrates it annual cultural week every year. Different programmes are arranged on this day. Like many other schools, the annual cultural week of our school was held from 10th January to 16th January this year. The students decorated the school compound nicely. A committee is formed for observing the week. The Headmaster was the chief patron. The opening programme was inaugurated by the local M.P. During the days of the week, many competitions were held. On the last day, the education minister and our Headmaster gave away the prizes among the winners. After that, a cultural programme was held. The students of class 8 staged a drama which pleased the students. Its memory will remain ever fresh in our mind.

Gardening is the act of making a garden. It is one of the most interesting of all pursuits that people have. It is usually followed during leisure. To make a garden is a difficult work but it is very interesting. At first one has to select a suitable piece of land which is always sunny, fertile where water does not stand during the rainy season. One needs to plough the land properly for sowing seeds and planting seedlings. One can grow both vegetables and a flower in the garden. After sowing seeds one has to put a fence around the garden to protect from the animals. One needs to work in the garden regularly. The final steps of gardening are watering plants everyday. Nursing is also very necessary for it. Weeds should be pulled out regularly to keep the garden neat and clean. These are the process of making a garden.

                                                 Your First day at school
                                           (‡Zvgvi ¯‹z‡ji cÖ_g w`b)
My First day at school is a memorable day in my life. I was very nervous when I was going to my new school. I went to my new school with my father. At first I met the head teacher of the school. He was serious but kind man. He told me that I would enjoy the school because it is a friendly place. I was a little bit nervous. I met a lot of students in the new class. At first I was unknown to them. I talked to them gently. I had a busy day. This is how I passed my first day at my new school. I wrote some names of the students in my diary. The day was really an enjoyable day to me.

                                                          A Magician
                                               (GKRb hv`yKi)
The man who shows magic is called a magician. Magic is nothing but the tricks of a man. A magician maintains his family by showing magic. He is very intelligent and alert. A magician shows magic and casts spells and turns the shape of things. From our text, we come to learn about a famous magician called Frankel.He was a good magician because he only used his magic spells to make bad people good. If they improved, he would take his magic off(hv`y DwV‡q †bIqv). He used his magic spells to make his life easier and comfortable. He also used his spells to make all the household chores. When Frankel grew old, he appointed a boy called Hans to practice magic after death. Hans was a smart, intelligent and hard working young boy. Sometimes magic spells may cause harm to our life.

                                                 Vegetables of Bangladesh
Most of the people of Bangladesh are dependent on agriculture. They grow many kinds of vegetables in their fields and gardens. Vegetables are divided into two groups. Some vegetables are grown in fixed seasons. Other vegetables are grown all the year round and these vegetables are called all season vegetables. The vegetables which grow in some fixed seasons are tomato, potato, and pumpkin. All these vegetables contain many kinds of vitamins more or less. All season vegetables are brinjal, colocasia, amaranth and okra. Colacasia has big green leaves and a white root. We can eat the root only. Brinjal is also called eggplant. Amaranth’s leaves are a bit larger. Okra is green. These all season vegetables also contain so many vitamins. So we should grow all these vegetables in our garden to fill up the demand of our necessary vegetables.
Knowledge is the real power of a man. Real and deep information and data about something is known as knowledge. When a man knows inward and outward aspects of something, we say that he has knowledge about the particular thing. Knowledge is very essential in our life. Without knowledge, we cannot do anything. A person without having any knowledge is very unimportant to everybody. Knowledge shows us the way of going ahead. We should enlighten us with knowledge. We can seeds plant seeds of knowledge in our mind. But to acquire knowledge, one has to be eager and hardworking. An idle man can never achieve knowledge. So he legs behind in the race of acquiring knowledge in the world. So, to prosper in life, everybody should obtain knowledge from both books and practical life. Besides a man who has knowledge can easily make himself powerful. Knowledge and power are inter-related. From this point, we must work ship knowledge, acquire knowledge and utilize knowledge.

 My Mother/My grandmother
(Avgvi gv/`v`x gv)
The person whom I pride on is my mother. My mother name is------ .She is a gift of Allah. She is about --- years old. She is well educated and well behaved. She loves all of our family members. She says five times Prayer everyday. She also inspires us to say five times prayer. She takes special care if any of our family members is ill. she always wears simple dress. She leads a very simple life. She is very honest , kind , truthful ,helpful , sociable and open minded .She is very kind the poor .She tries heart and soul to solve their  problems gardening  and reading  story books are her  favourite hobbies . Her personality is a model before me. I like her for her dutifulness .She is dearest to me .Her heart always yearns for me I have been grown up under her care and affection. Her joy knows no bounds when she finds me happy .Everyday she teaches me when she finds time. So I am very proud of my mother. 
                                      My Parents (Avgvi wcZvgvZv)
The persons whom I pride on are my parents. My parents are heaven(¯^M©) to me. No one is comparable with them. We owe much to our parents for our birth(Rb¥), growing up(eo n‡q DVv) and socialization(mvgvwRKi‡bi). (evevi bvg and(gv‡qi bvg)are my parents.
    (Dc‡ii Aby‡”Q‡`i cÖ_g jvBbwU ev` w`‡q  m¤ú~Y© Ask GLv‡b wjL‡Z n‡e Z‡e evev Gi †¶‡Î Person
     cweeZ©b K‡i He wjL‡Z n‡e|) 
I love and obey my parents. They are my well wisher and best friend. I am proud of having such sweet parents.

                                   A School Library (we`¨vjq MÖš’vMvi)
A School library is a part and parcel of a school. It is very essential for both the students and the teachers.  Our school has a big library. It is located beside the office room. There some benches in the library. The students sit on them and read books. There is chair and table for the librarian. There are many almirahs in the library. There are so many books in it. There are novels, ghost books, reference books, storybooks text etc. All the books are well arranged. Both the teachers and the students read books in the library. The students are allowed to read books for a week. The library is our leisure companion. It helps to widen our knowledge. A school library plays a vital role in spreading the light of education. I feel proud of my school library because it contains a good number of books on various subjects.

                                              Tree Plantation
Tree plantation means (ej‡Z eySvq) planting more and more trees. It is essential (`iKvix) for our existence (Aw¯ÍZ¡). We cut down trees to get timber (Kv‡Vi ¸wo) and firewood(R¡vjvbx KvV). We also use trees as our housing material. Cutting of too many trees leads the world to desert(gi“f~wg). It is a responsible (`vqx) for greenhouse effect. Birds and animals are losing their habitats (Avevm ¯’j). There will be no ecological balance .We cannot live without oxygen. We get vitamins from the fruits of tree. The tree helps to keep the environment balanced. It prevents (cÖwZ‡iva) air pollution by taking carbon-die oxide. It saves (i¶v) the world from turning (cwiYZ K‡i) into desert. It brings about rainfall. It helps agricultural production. It saves soil from erosion. It keeps the soil strong. It saves the houses from breaking on the river. It is a great source of medicine for us. Everybody should plant trees. More and more trees should be planted on both sides of roads. Tree plantation campaign should be continued everywhere. Public awareness is essential to make the campaign successful. The more we plant trees, the more we good for us.

A  Birthday Party /A Weeding ceneremomey/A Prize Giving ceremony
/A Cultural programme I enjoyed/A Freshers’ Reception programme
           (N‡ivqv cwi‡e‡k †Kvb mvgvwRK Abyôvb ev Drme D`hvcb wb‡q Aby‡”Q`)     
Ceremony is matter of joy and enjoyment. Last month I enjoyed a (--) . The arrangement of the Programmed was so attractive that I will never forget it. Many guests were invited in the programme. The invited guests were received with flowers. The preparations of the programme started from sunrise. The place was decorated nicely with colorful papers and balloons. The pandal is illuminated with multi colored electric blubs. A nice gate was built at the entrance of the pandal. All the people looked very busy at the programme. Some photographs were taken. At the end of the programme, delicious foods were served. I am Lucky to have such an event in my life. Such a day will remain ever fresh in my heart. 

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