Saturday, August 17, 2013

Short composition for JSC Exam

Write a short composition on/about any one of the following topics.
a) 21st February
b) Eve Teasing

a) 21st February
21st February has given us a unique identity in the whole world. Long before achieving our freedom the glorious sacrifice of the heroic sons made us familiar with other nations of the world. The seeds of our freedom actually remained hidden in the incident of 21st February. The people of this country could easily understand that the separation from the Pakistani rule was a necessary when the attack on language came. The utmost and invaluable significance of the day has drawn the attention of the global community which now observes the day as International Mother Language Day.
It bears a special significance without any doubt. Now question arises how much or how far have we achieved after a pretty long sixty years of the Language Movement. It witnessed the supreme sacrifice of Salam, Jabbar, Barkat, Rafique and many others. The month-long Ekushay Book Fair is a unique creation which originated from the Language Movement. Every year this book fair gains new momentum.
It is undoubtedly a great news that Bangladesh is not the only country that celebrates International Mother Language Day on 21st February . On 21st February International Mother Language Day is recognized worldwide and on 17th November 1999 it was announced as such by UNESCO. It observance was formally recognized by General Assembly of the United Nations. This universal fame and honour we have achieved through this glorious day and it has come through the sacrifice of our heroic sons. It is our promise that we must further glorify our language .

b) Eve teasing
Though eve teasing prevailed in the society one or two decades ago, it has spread it’s ugly claws very recently. This venom has claimed the lives of Simi, Trisha, Tonni, Swapana, Tithi, Rumi and many girls. They thought it better to leave the world rather than living with the trauma of harassment.
When the girls cannot move freely in the school, market and on the footpath due to throwing filthy words, lustful and languishing look by males is known as eve teasing. These tasks of males make the females psychologically and mentally weak and disturbed. The obscene films and dances of the heroines and the co-actresses titillate the boys. They try to provoke the girls wherever and whenever possible. The loose family ties and lack of moral education encourage the youths to spend time more on obscene things rather than study and gaining knowledge. So, emphasis should be given on strong family ties and moral education. The family which show love and affection among the members has the little chance of children going astray. A child learns first as a family member before he or she goes to school. If the child picks up the right habits and values, it will be reflected throughout his life or her life. Eve teasing is a crime. We cannot afford to look at it with compromising mind and attitude. The big political parties particularly the party in power should play big roles to curb it. Our government has designated June 13 as ‘Eve Teasing Protection Day’. It’s a good initiative.
Eve teasing is definitely a kind of mental sickness. It pollutes not only the eve teasers but also the growing female members of the society. We must stop it at any cost.

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