Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dialogue for PEC Exam

1. You have lost your pen. So you need to buy a pen. You ask for money for this to your mother.
Myself : Hello mum would you give me some money?
Mother : Why?
Myself : I have lost my pen.
Mother : How much do you need?
Myself : Tk. 10 only. But I need to buy drawing paper also. Would you give me some more?
Mother : When will you buy?
Myself : I need today mum.
Mother : Where would you like to buy?
Myself : From my school stationary shop.
Mother : Okay, Here is the amount.
Myself : Thank you, Mother .
2. You want your mother to give you some money to buy a book.
Myself : Hello, mother. Would you give some money?
Mother : Why?
Myself : I haven’t bought my English text book. would you give it now?
Mother : Yes, but do you need more books?
Myself : Yes mother. Would you allow me to buy the note book of the text.
Mother : Oh, no. You never follow any note book.
Myself: Okay.
3. You want your mother to take you to a book fair.
Myself : Hi mother, would you please take me to a book fair?
Mother : Of course, its a good request. But could you tell me why you want to go to a book fair? I think, there are many interesting plasces to visit.
Myself : Mother, a book fair is also an interesting and enjoyable place. We can buy many new books going round the fair as our likings. Besides, books for the children are available in a book fair. Books are usually cheaper in a book fair than in a book shop.
Mother : Ok, my son you are right. I will take you to the Ekushe book fair, its the greatest book fair in our country.
Myself : Would you please allow me to buy some books in the fair?
Mother : I can buy you three books only this time.
Myself : Thanks a lot, my mother.


4. You want your mother to give you a new shirt.
Myself : Hellow mum, would you buy me a shirt?
Mother : Yes which shirt do you like?
Myself : Blue in colour.
Mother : I think this colour suits you well.
Myself : Today is holiday. Would you like to take me to the market?
Mother : Sure, You will get ready in the afternoon.
Myself : Thank you mum.
5. Your want your friend to lend you a book.
Myself : Hi friend, how are you?
My friend : Fine, thank you. How are you?
Myself : Fine. But I am very anxious of my study.
My friend : Why?
Myself : I have no English text book. would you please lend me your book?
My friend : Why not?
Myself : Thank you, I need it for two weeks. Would you give it for two weeks?
My friend : Sorry. I can give it only for a week.
Myself : Okay, I will return the book after a week. But could you give the book in the later.
My friend : Yes.
Myself : That will be very good for me. Thank you.
My friend : Welcome.
6. You want your uncle to take you to the Dhaka Zoo.
Myself : Hi uncle, today is holiday, I would like to go to the Zoo.
Uncle : Of course. But would you tell me why you want to go to the Zoo?
Myself : It’s a very interesting and enjoyable place. We can see here many wild beasts, birds, animals etc.
Uncle : Ok, get ready.
Myself : Would you like to take my younger brother with us?
Uncle : Sure.
Myself : I would like to ride on horse and elephant. Could I ride on them in the Zoo?
Uncle : Ok.
7. You want to buy some books from a book shop.
Myself : Could I see some books?
Book seller: Yes, of course. You can find as you like. Would you please inform me which kind of books you are interested to buy?
Myself : Actually, I am looking for some books on literature.
Book seller : Fine. We have a good collection of books on literature. Here are some books for you.
Myself : Could you tell me the price of this book?
Book seller : It is 50 taka only.
Myself : could you pack it for me?
Book seller : Sure, its my pleasure.
Myself : Ok, thank you very much.
8. You want your friend to lend you a camera.
Myself : How are you, friend?
Karim : Fine, I heard, you are going to arrange a picnic with your class.
Myself : Yes, we are going to Cox’s Bazar. It is a nice place. I want to preserve the memory of our visit. But I have no camera.
Karim : No problem. I have a camera.
Myself : Would you lend me your camera for two days?
Karim : Of course. You must take care of it and return it just after two days.
Myself : Certainly. You are so kind! Karim : Thank you.
9. You want your teacher to tell you about learning English.
Myself : Sir, would you tell me something about learning English?
Teacher : English is an International Language. It Plays an important role in international commerce and business. Therefore, We should learn it well.
Myself : How could I do well in English?
Teacher : You have to know the rules of Grammar. You have to write on some topics every day. You have to listen to the English news, you have to try to speak English sometimes and Just. Continue practicing
Myself : Could you tell me how to improve my stock of new words?
Teacher : Keep a pocket dictionary with you all time and learn ten new words everyday. Sometimes you should revise the words you have already learnt.
Myself : Thank you, Sir. Teacher : Thank you, too.

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