Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dialogue for PEC Exam

Q. Read the following situation. Make a request dialogue and response. Use would or could.
No. 1.

You want to help your younger brother in making a garden.
Ans. A dialogue between myself and Rubi about making a garden.
Myself : Excuse me Rubi. I’m making a garden. Could you help me?
Rubi : Of course. I like gardening very much.
Myself : In front of my reading room is a suitable place for gardening. Would you mind to come now to help me?
Rubi : Sure, Let us go.
Myself : Thanks.
No. 2.

You want your teacher to solve you a problem.
Ans. A dialogue between myself and my teacher about to solve a problem.
Myself : Excuse me, Sir, could you solve me a problem.
Teacher : Of course. It’s very pleasure that you are eager to learn. What’s your problem?
Myself : I can’t solve a mathematical problem. Could you solve it now, please?
Teacher : Sorry. I have to take an important class now. You may come just after the class. I shall help you.
Myself : Thank you, Sir.
No. 3.

You want your father to give you some money to buy a book.
Ans. A dialogue between myself and my father about some money to buy a book.
Myself : Excuse me, I need some money to buy a book of English 2nd paper. Could you give some money today?
Father : Sure, which book do you need?
Myself : I need a grammar book. Our English has suggested us to buy it.
Father : It’s a very good idea. How much money do you need to buy it?
Myself : About ninety five taka.
Father : Ok, take it.
Myself : Thank you, father.
No. 4.

You want your grandfather to tell you a ghost story.
Ans. A dialogue between myself and my grandfather about to tell me a ghost Story?
Myself : Excuse me, could you tell me a story?
Grandfather : Sure, what kind of story do you like to enjoy?
Myself : I would like to enjoy a ghost story, grandfather. Would you mind to tell me one just now?
Grandfather : Sorry, I’m busy now. I shall be free after 4.30 pm. I know a very interesting ghost story. I shall tell you it then.
Myself : Thank you very much.
No. 5.

You wan an office assistant of a school to give some information about admission.
Ans. A dialogue between myself and office assistant on some information about admission.
Myself : Excuse me, could you please give me some information about admission?
Office assistant : Of course, what do you want to know?
Myself : I want to get myself admitted into class six. Could you tell me when will the admission test be held?
Office Assistant : Yes, the admission test would be held on 02 January next. The form of admission is available here. You may take if you like.
Myself : Thank you a lot.

Q. Read the following situation, Make a request dialogue & response. Use would or could.
You want your father to take you to the book fair.
Ans. A dialogue between myself and my father about to take me to the book fair.
Myself : Excuse me, father, could you take me to the book fair?
Father : Sure, when do you like to go?
myself: In the evening, today. Do you have free time then?
Father: Sorry, today I have and urgent piece of business. I’m free tomorrow. you may go then.
Myself : okay, father. would you please buy me a book from the fair?
Father: Of course, which book do you like to have?
myself : I want to have a book on spoken English, written by SM Zakir.
Father: Okay, you will have one.
Myself : Thanks you father.
You want to have some thing going to a restaurant.
Ans. A dialogue between myself and the waiter of a restaurant for having something.
Myself : Would I see the menu?
Waiter: Here it is, please.
Myself: Could I give you an order?
Waiter: Of course, why not?
Myself: Could you give me a sandwich?
Waiter: Here it is, sir.
You friend Sihab is ill. You want to know his present condition.
Ans. A dialogue between myself and my friend about to know his present condition of health.
Myself: How do you now, Sihab?
Sihab: Not so good.
Myself : Are you suffering from fever still, now?
Sihab: Yes.
Myself: Have you seen a doctor?
Sihab: Yes, I went to the doctor in the last evening.
Myself: Take care you self and take necessary medicine.
Sihab: Thank you for your advice.
You ask your father to give you some money.
Ans. A dialogue between myself and my father for asking some money.
Myself: Would you give me some money, father?
Father: What will you do with that?
Myself: I want to buy a cap. Many of my friends have this. Would you allow me to wear this?
Father: Ok. it’s a good idea. You will have one.
Myself: Thank you, father.
You went to the receptionist of a hotel for a seat for you.
Ans. A dialogue between myself and a receptionist of a hotel about a seat for me.
Receptionist: Good morning sir. How can I help you?
Myself: Good morning. Is there any room vacant in your hotel.
Receptionist: How many room do you need?
Myself: I need only one single room. How much do I need to pay for it.
Receptionist: Tk. only 400/- per day. Should I book one for you?
Myself: Yes, Please.

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