Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dialogue for PEC Exam

Read the following situation. Make request dialogue and response. Use ‘would’ or ‘could...
Set-1: Your mother is ill. You need to call in a doctor?
Answer to the set no-1:
Myself: Good afternoon, doctor!
Doctor: Good afternoon! What can I do for you?
Myself: My mother is seriously ill. She is suffering from dangue fever. Would you please go with me to treat her?
Doctor: of course! I must go with you after a few minutes later.
Myself: Thanks. Doctor: Welcome.
Set-2: You ask your madam to tell about The box which she brought in the class.
Answer to the set no-2:
Myself: Good morning, madam!
Madam: Good morning! How are you?
Myself: I’m fine. madam! Would you please tell me what is in the box?
Madam: Of course! Could you help me to open the box?
myself: of course! I’ll.
Set-3: you want to get some information about the location of a department store.
Answer to the set no-3:
myself: Excuse me, could you tell me the location of a department store?
Passer-by: Yes, go up to the end of this road and then turn right. The department store is on the left.
myself: Thank you very much.
Set-4: You are ill. You are asking advice from a doctor.
Answer to the set no-4:
Myself: Good morning, doctor. I have cought a cold. Would you suggest me?
Doctor: Ok, How have you cought cold.
Myself: On the way to school I got wet in the rain.
Doctor: How long have you been suffering?
Myself: Two days, Doctor, I feel tired. Would you give me some medicine?
Doctor: Of course. Here it is.
Myself: Thank you. doctor.

Set-5: You want a passerby to tell you the way to the bus station.
Answer to the question no set-5:
Myself : Excuse me, could you tell me the way to the bus station?
Passerby : Sure, it is very near from here.
Myself : How can I go there?
Passerby : Go up to the end of this road and then turn right. The bus station is on the left. Myself : Thanks.
Set-6: You want to know about the common birds of Bangladesh from your teacher.
Answer to the question no set-6:
Myself : Good afternoon, sir!
Teacher : Good afternoon! How are you?
Myself : I’m fine, sir! Would you please discuss the common birds of Bangladesh?
Teacher : of course! Could you tell the names of the common birds of Bangladesh?
Myself : No, sir!
Teacher : Okay! The common birds of Bangladesh are the crow. the sparrow, the doel, the shalik, the kingfisher. the parrot etc. Myself : Thanks a lot.
Set-7: You want to ask your father to buy a new dress and a cake on your birthday.
Answer to the question no set-7:
Myself : Good morning, father! Father: Good morning. my dear!
Myself : Father, do you know the next day is my birthday?
Father : I know. What do you want for the day?
myself : Would you buy me a new dress and a cake?
Father : Sure, I will. Anything else. dear.
Myself : Nothing else, father. Father : I wish your good luck.
Set-8: You want to know about a multi-storeyed building from your uncle.
Answer to the question no set-8:
Myself : Would you please take me to a multistoeyed building?
Uncle : Sure, when are you free?
Myself : our school is closed tomorrow.
Uncle : What do you want to know there.
Mysel : I want to me tall buildings.
Uncle : Ok, I will take you to see tall buildings to Dhanmondi. Myself : Thank you.
Set-9 : You want your friend to come to your home on Eidday.
Answer to the question no set-9:
Myself : I shall be very happy if you come to my home on Eid day.
My friend : When will you be at your home?
Myself : I shall be waiting for you before sunset.
My friend : of course. I will not miss to you and your programme.
Myself : Thank you. My friend : My pleasure.
Set-10 : You want to no from your partner about the interesting places of Bangladesh.
Answer to the question no set-10:
Myself : Good morning!
My partner : Good morning!
Myself : Could you please tell me about the interesting places in Bangladesh?
My partner : yes. The interesting please of Bangladesh are Sunderbans. Rangamati, Cox’s Bazar, Lalbag Fort and so on.
Myself : Thank you.
Set-11 : You want to know about a story of monkeys to your grandfather.
Answer to the question no set-11:
Myself : Excuse me, grandfather! Would you please tell me a story of monkey?
Grandfather : Sure! This is a story of a cap-seller and monkeys.
Myself : Tell me please.
Grandfather : A cap seller took rest under a tree Putting his basket of caps beside him. There were monkeys in the tree. There came down from the tree and took away the caps.
Myself : Thank you so much.
Grandfather : Welcome.
Set-12 : You want your uncle to take you to see the Mohakhali flyover.
Answer to the question no set-12:
Myself : Would you please take me to see the Mohalhali flyover uncle?
My uncle : Sure, When will you go to the flyover?
Myself : I think, it will be better before sunset.
My uncle : what do you like to see there?
Myself : I want to see the different pillars and width of the flyover.
My uncle : oh. We will start at 4 pm tomorrow.
Myself : Thank you.
Set-13 : You want your father to take you to the book fair.
Answer to the question no set-13:
Myself : Good morning, father! Could you take me to the book fair?
Father : Good morning Sure, When do you like to go?
Myself: Friday in the evening. Father : Okay.
Myself : Thank you, Father.

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