Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Reading test(question no 3 and 4, 6 for JSC Exam

Reading test(question no 3 and 4)
1.     The city with the highest temperature ---------------------- both London and Hong Kong.
2.     Amnesty International is a non-governmental------------------ of Human Rights in 1978.
3.     The Ancient Olympic Games ------------------ not held again until the late 19th century.
4.     Apple Inc. is an American ------------------------- environmental and business practices.
5.     The series of protests and demonstrations -------------------- unrest outside the region.
6.     Many countries around the world ----------------------- International Mother Earth Day.
7.     The World Food Programme (WFP) is ------------------ labour-intensive works program.
8.     Martin Luther King, Jr. was an American ------------------------------------- holiday in 1986.
9.     Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela ----------------------------------- expand healthcare services.
10.            The modern Mother's Day is -----------------------      gift to mothers on the occasion.
11.             The Academy Awards, informally known as The Oscars, ----------- six-figure sums.
12.            The modern pizza was originally ------------------------------ variants based upon pizza.
13.            Louisiana hosts one of the most --------------------- ----------------------------- Mardi Gras.
14.            International Women's Day (IWD) is marked --------------------------- status they merit.
15.            Rosa Parks' first event ------------------------------------------ honor at the Capitol Rotunda.
16.            The Food and Agriculture Organization -------------------------------- let there be bread".
17.            The United Nations was ---------------------------------------- French, Russian, and Spanish.
18.            UNICEF stands for ---------------------------------------- Asturias Award of Concord in 2006.
19.            The World Health Organization (WHO ------------------------------ every year on 7 April.
20.            The struggle to have eight hours ------------------------------------- strike and hold unions.
21.            Mother Theresa -------------------------------------------------
c)      Reading test(question no 6)
1.      Patriotism is a love for country. It -----------------------------------------war and sufferings.
2.      Education is the process ---------------------------------------------rights and responsibilities.
3.       In this life there is no gain -----------------------------------------------------------examination.
4.      Good manners ------------------------------------------------------------- true sense of the term.
5.      Sincerity is the root of --------------------------------------------------------sincere to our work.
6.      All our food comes from the soil. Some ------------------------------------------human away.
7.      Newspaper plays a vital role ------------------------------------------------avoid the bad ones.
8.      We have plenty of water ------------------------------------------------------------need to know.
9.      People say, “Health is wealth” ------------------------------------------------people’s feelings.
10.  The secret of success ----------------------------------------------------------proper use of time.
11.  Sports are popular form of -------------------------------------------------------------way to this.
12.  Man is the maker o9f own ---------------------------------------------------------key to success.
13.  Smoking is a very ---------------------------------------------------------- themselves from smoking.
14.  The liberty of the individual ----------------------------------------------------------is irreconcilable.
15.  Illiteracy is a curse ------------------------------------------------------------their primary education.
16.  The use of English as the common ------------------------------------------------of their students.

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