Friday, August 23, 2013

Paragraph-Drug Addiction

Drug addiction means strong attraction for taking harmful drugs. Drug addiction is a serious problem. People become addicted to drugs for many reasons. Frustration is one of them. Unemployment problem, political unrest, family feud, lack of love and affection lead a man to frustration. Drugs addiction destroys us morally, physically and financially. It leads a man to death. It causes cancer, heart disease and other respiratory diseases. It destroys the nerve system of the human body. For this reason, a drug addict cannot lead a normal life. He loses his appetite. He becomes very weak. He loses his energy to work. Drug addiction has a bad effect on the society. It causes social and family terrorism like snatching, hijacking, robbery etc.Thus a drug addict is a burden to his family and society. The youngers of our country are becoming addicted to drug. They are going to the dogs. All should be aware of the harm of drug. Mass media can play a vital role in this regard. Above all, the rules of religion can play the most important role.

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