Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Letter for PEC Exam

Suppose you are Naziba, Write a letter to your friend, Raysa about what to do during earthquake, Your letter should have a heading, greeting, body, closing and a signature/name. 10

Answer to the question no. 15
Madubi Bulding, Academy Road
NAPE, Mymensingh
29 April, 2013
Dear Raysa
Last month we had a earthquake at Mymensingh. As soon as my mom felt earthquake, she sent me and my younger brother under our wooden dining table. We stayed low and covered our heads with our arms and hands. My father switched off our electricity and gas connection very quickly. Then they stayed against two pillars near to us. We panicked; But they asked us to say ‘Kalema’ and they also said that. After a few minutes they took us under the table and said we are safe now. This is what one to do during earthquake. If you have earthquake, you can try these.
Remember while stay at home you must not stay beside partition, glass, heavy furniture, fire place. While outside, you must stay apart from the building, power lines, or anything else that could fall on you.
How are you? Write me soon anything that you had undesirable.
Your lovely friend,

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