Monday, August 19, 2013

Dialogue for PEC Exam

Q 5. You want your friend to lend you a book.Write a dialogue about it responding with 'would' or 'could'.

(Speakers: Myself and my friend Minhaj)

Myself : Good morning, Minhaj. How are you?

Minhaj : Good morning Ratul. I am fine, thank you, and you?

Myself : I am also fine.

Minhaj : Friend, why do you look so sad today? Could you please tell me the reason?

Myself : On Sunday, I have an examination on 'English For Today'. My teacher will conduct the examination but I have lost my book. Could you please lend me your book, please?

Minhaj : Yes, of course. But you will have to use it carefully.

Myself : Okay, I will use it very carefully. Could you please tell me when I will have to return it?

Minhaj : Since your examination on Sunday, you had better return on Monday.

Myself : Could you please lend it just now?

Minhaj : Sure. Why not? Here it is. Take it.

Myself : Thank you very much. It will be a great help for me.

Minhaj : Please do not mention it. It is my pleasure.

Q6. Write a dialogue between you and your friend about your friend's birthday. Respond with 'would' or 'could'.

(Speaker: Myself and my friend Jahir)

Myself : Hello, Jahir. Good morning.

Jahir : Hello, good morning.

Myself : How are how? You do not come to school for two weeks.

Jahir : I am fine. I went to America for thirteen days. What about you?

Myself : You look so fresh today. Could you pleas tell me the reason?

Jahir : There is not such a reason so that I can tell you.

Myself : Anyway, friend would you tell me the birth day of yours?

Jahir : But why do you need the birth day of mine?

Myself : I have asked from the curiosity of mine.

Jahir : Please let me think a little bit. I will tell you.

Myself : Have you forgotten your birth day?

Jahir : No, I have not forgotten. Oh yes, it is 10 July.

Myself : Oh, now I can realize the reason of looking fresh. I am really delighted to know the birth day of yours. I will be able to wish you in time.

Jahir : I am also happy that you have asked me about it.

Myself : Friend, would you go to the class room? The bell has rung.

Jahir : Certainly. Let's go.

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