Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Paragraph-My Grandmother/My father for SSC Exam

My Grandmother
My Grandmother is a very old lady. She has already crossed sixty. Her years have now bent her back a little but have not affected her activities. She is tall and thin. She has grey hair. Her eyesight is quite good and she can read without spectacles. Even at this age, she is very active and hard working. At times, we are surprise at her agility. She supervises all-important jobs in the family. She is very affectionate and caring. We, her grand children, are attached to her more than to our parents. She loves us very much. She is the most respected lady in our colony. Ladies, young and old, come to her for advice. In the afternoon many women flock around her. Sometimes she tells them her own experiences. We listen to her with respect. When we were little kids, our grandmother was a great source of joy. We used to wait eagerly for the night because at night she would tells us interesting story. I love my Grandmother very much.
My Father
Of all the persons in the world, my father loves me most, and I also love him from the core of my heart. To me, he is like a living goddess who takes all kinds of pain and care for my sake. When I am sick, he spends sleepless nights by my sick-bed. When I come first in my class examination, she becomes perhaps the happiest person on earth. From my childhood, I have been greatly influenced by my father. He has always guided me in the right path in every step of my life. He has taught me discipline, manners, and the sense of duty towards others in the family and in the society. I remember the he used to relate to me many oriental and mythological tales, when a child and did not know how to read and write. He has taught me to love my country and my countrymen. He helps me everyday in preparing my home-work given by the class teacher. In profession he is a secondary school teacher. I feel proud to be such an ideal Father. 

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