Monday, May 14, 2012

Model Test:Eng-1st Paper for HSC Exam

Ans. to the Ques. No. Set-5 :
5. (a) There is a great change in the field of entertainment in our country. (b) Jatra, Jarigan, Sharigan, puppet show and snake charming etc. were the common forms of entertainment in the past (c) Radio is no more popular because it is being replaced by television. (d) No, the common forms of entertainment are not popular as before. (e) Cricket is gradually taking the place of football.
6. (a) order (b) changes (c) entertainment (d) delight/interest (e) to
7. Summary: With the passage of time forms of entertainment are undergoing a great change. As a result, many of them have already disappeared. People do not find any interest in traditional snake charming, puppet show, jarigan, sharigan. The same thing has happened in case of entertainment. The traditional radio has been replaced by television and satellite channels and in case of sports cricket has been replaced by football in Bangladesh.
Read the passage below and answer questions:
A society’s culture is made up of all of its ideas and ways of behaving, Language, music, ideas about what is bad and good, ways of working and playing, and the tools and other objects made and used by people in the society—all these are part of a society’s culture. As studying a person’s repeated actions is a good way to find out about that person, studying the important patterns of an entire society is a way to learn about the culture of that group. Patterns of behavior and action vary from individual to individual, class to class, society to society and country to country. These differences are referred to as cultural differences. What is an appropriate mode of behavior in one culture might prove inappropriate or even rude in another culture. For example, when Latin Americans talk to each other, they stand about 18 to 12 inches apart, measured nose to nose. To stand further away from each other while talking seems unfriendly to them. In some Arab countries too, the proper and polite distance for conversation is to be close enough to feel the other person’s breath. But in British or American society, getting so close during a conversation is considered inappropriate.
5. Write short answers to the following questions. 5
What do you mean by culture?
What is the way to know about a group’s culture?
What are the cultural differences?
What is Latin American culture?
What is inappropriate in British society?
6. Fill in the gaps with suitable words. 5
The culture of a society (a) — to all of its activities. Ideas about good and bad may not be (b) — everywhere. Even the tools and objects made and used by a community reflect its (c) — People of one class are seen to behave and act differently from the (d) — of another class. A mode of behaviour in one society may be considered (e) — in another.
7. Summarise the passage in about five sentences. 5
8. Based on your reading of the passage, make short notes in each of the boxes in the flow chart showing the ways of learning a society’s culture. 5
1. Learning about a society’s culture 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

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