Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Paragraph for HSC Exam

Journey by Train/Bus
Journey gives us relief when we get bored in our day to day life. We get pleasure, knowledge and relief from a journey.  I am fond of journey. Making a journey is an enjoyable experience. I like the journey by bus/train most. A few days ago I had an opportunity to make a journey by train. I was invited to my uncle’s house in Sylhet to spend the summer vacation with him. I decided to go there by train. We were four in number and we collected our tickets. On the fixed day we reached the station timely and got on the train. I took my seat beside the window. At the fixed time the train started to run. At first it ran slowly but gradually its speed rose up. Soon we left behind the platform, the familiar houses and our  city. The train was passing through small villages, corn fields and markets. The train stopped only at the big stations. Then I got down and took snacks. Inside the compartment/bus there was a funny picture. Some people who were unknown to each other started debating on political issues. I was a patient listener. At one point, I looked outside of the window. I was delighted to see the natural beauty of our country. After six hours, our train reached our destination. We got down from the train and found my uncle waiting in the station. The journey was really enjoyable and I will never forget the sweet memory of it.
Physical Exercise
There is a proverb that “Health is wealth”. Good health is the root of all success. To preserve good health we have to maintain certain rules. Physical exercise is one of them. Physical exercise means the regular movement of the limbs of our body in a proper way. Without physical exercise it is not possible to have sound body and sound mind. It is physical exercise which ensures an enjoyable life with a sound mind. To make our body active and muscles strong we need physical exercise. Our body is just like a machine. Without regular exercise it becomes rusty and inactive. It also increases our power of digestion and blood circulation. It supplies blood to our brain and as a result it gets strength. There are many forms of physical exercise. Walking, riding cycle, swimming, playing are different forms of physical exercise. But old kinds of exercises are not suitable to all. So everyone should take exercise according to his physical capability. The importance of physical exercise in our life is great. So, all should form the habit of physical exercise from childhood.

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