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Model Test for PEC Exam-2013

Model Test

Read the following passage and answer the question 1, 2, and 3.

Saikat lives with his parents in an apartment in Bogra. His father, Mr. Islam, is a banker. In his free time, Mr. Islam writes stories. He loves listening to music of old times, too. Saikat's mother, Maleka Begum is a housewife. She loves sewing in her free time. She makes dresses. She often gets orders from her friends and neighbors. Saikat reads in class five. He is a good student. He wants to improve his English. So he watches cartoons on TV and reads English story books everyday.

1. Choose the best answer: 1×10 = 10

(a) Saikat lives with his parents. Whom does Saikat live with?

(i) Uncle and aunt (ii) father

(iii) mother (iv) both (ii) and (iii)

(b) Saikat lives in an apartment in Bogra. Where does Saikat live in?

(i) Thatched hat (ii) tin shed house

(iii) building (iv) flat

(c) Where is Bogra? It is in _________.

(i) East Bangle (ii) North Bangle

(iii) South Bangle (iv) West bangle

(d) Mr. Islam is a banker. He works in a/an ___________.

(i) Office (ii) farm (iii) industry (iv) bank.

(e) Saikat's father works in a bank. Bank is a/an _________.

(i) Educational institution (ii) agricultural institution (iii) financial institution (iv) technical institution.

(f) Maleka Begum is a housewife. She does_________work.

(i) Office (ii) household (iii) private (iv) neighbour's

(g) Saikat wants to improve his English. Here "English" is _______ language to Saikat.

(i) Native (ii) foreign (iii) mother tongue (iv) own

(h) As a student Saikat is good. Here good is a/an___________.

(i) Verb (ii) adverb (iii) noun (iv) adjective.

(i) Saikat's father likes music of old times. Here old times mean?

(i) Recent time (ii) ancient time

(iii) present time (iv) next time

(j) Saikat's father writes story in his free time. So, writing story is Saikat's father________.

(i) Occupation (ii) profession (iii) hobby (iv) main business.

2. Match the words with their similar meaning. (Extra 2 is given in column B) 1×5 = 5


Leisure Almost everyday

Parents Always

Listen Clothes

Dress Never

Often Hear

Father and mother

Free time

3. Answer the following question: 1×5 = 5

(a) Where does Saikat live in?

(b) What are Saikat's father and mother?

(c) What is Mr. Islam's hobby?

(d) What does Mrs. Maleka do in her free time?

(e) What does Saikat do to improve his English?

Read the following chart showing what Saikat and his parents usually do in the evening and answer the question 4, 5, and 6.

6:00 to 7:30 8:00 to 8:30 9:00 to 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30

Saikat study watch TV

cartoon eat dinner help mom wash and clean Read story

books go to bed -

Mom cook dinner make dresses serve and

eat dinner clean and wash - watch TV go to bed

Dad read


/magazine watch TV news eat dinner listen to music,do some writing watch TV

talk show go to bed

4. Choose the best answer: 1×10 = 10

(a) In the evening Saikat studies for _____ hour. (i) one (ii) two (iii) one and half (iv) two and half.

(b) Who is fond of watching TV cartoon?

(i) dad (ii) mom (iii) Saikat (iv) none

(c) What does mom do when Saikat watch TV?

(i) make dress (ii) clean and wash

(iii) eat dinner (iv) cook dinner

(d) What things do all the members of Saikat's family do together?

(i) eat dinner (ii) watching TV

(iii) study (iv) read newspaper.

(e) Who serves during the time of dinner?

(i) Saikat (ii) mom (iii) dad (iv) servant

(f) Who is fond of watching TV news?

(i) dad (ii) mom (iii) Saikat (iv) none

(g) When does Saikat read story books?

(i) at 6.00 pm (ii) at 7.00 pm

(iii) at 10.00 pm (iv) at 10.30 pm.

(h) Who helps mom in washing dishes?

(i) dad (ii) dad and Saikat (iii) Saikat (iv) nobody.

(i) When does Saikat go to bed for sleep?

(i) at 10 pm (ii) at 10.30 pm

(iii) at 11.00 pm (iv) at 11.30 pm.

(j) Who go to bed together at the same time? (i) Saikat and mom (ii) Saikat and dad (iii) dad and mom (iii) everybody.

5. Fill up the following blanks with the words given below in the box: 1×5 = 5

studies washing household makes Reading

Saikat's mother cooks dinner. Cooking is a ___________ work.

Saikat is a student. He ________ regularly.

Saikat reads story books. ________ book is a good habit.

Saikat helps her mother in _____________.

Besides doing household works, Saikat's mother ________ dresses.

6. Answer the following questions - 10

(a) Who is Saikat's father and mother? (knowledge based) 0.5

(b) When does Saikat study?

(knowledge based) 0.5

(c) Why is Saikat a good student? (Comprehension based) 2

(d) How can you improve your English? (Application based) 3

(e) It is necessary to improve our English.Why? (Higher order thinking based) 4

7. Rearrange the following word to make correct sentences- 1×5 = 5

(a) the/is/how/scenery/charming!

(b) tomorrow/ do/will/what/you?

(c) want/I/a/be/student/to/good.

(d) us/a/let/song/sing.

(f) bless/God/may/you.

8. Rewrite the following passage using capital letter and punctuation marks. 5

saikat lives with his parents in an apartment in bogra his father mr islam is a banker in his free time mr islam writes stories he loves listening to music of old times

9. Change the following sentences as directed-1×5 = 5 (a) Sworob learns his lesson daily. (negative)

(b) They watch TV cartoon. (Negative)

(c) Farhan went to the playground. (Negative)

(d) Sad likes his English teacher. (Interrogative)

(e) Rispita helped me to do the work. (Interrogative)

10.Translate into English- 1×5 = 5

(a) আমি আমার বাবার সাথে ঢাকায় এসেছিলাম।

(b) আমি সিলেট যাচ্ছি।

(c) তোমার সাথে সাক্ষাত্ করতে পেরে খুশি হলাম।

(d) আমরা তার সাথে ইংরেজীতে কথা বলার অনুশীলন করতে পারি।

(e) আমি তোমার জন্য অপেক্ষা করব।

11.Translate into Bengali- 1×5 = 5

(a) Saikat lives with his parents in an apartment in Bogra.

(b) He wants to improve his English.

(c) She loves sewing in her free times.

(d) Mr. Islam writes stories.

(e) His father, Mr. Islam is a banker.

12. Read the following situation. Make a request dialogue use 'world` or could. You want to know from your friend how to improve your

English. 5

13. Rewrite the sentences in the correct form of verbs. 1×5 = 5

(a) Saikat ______with his parents. (live)

(b) Mr. Islam ______ a banker. (to be)

(c) Saikat's mother _______ household works. (to do)

(d) Saikat _______ cartoons on TV. (watch)

(e) Saikat _______ to improve his English. (want)

14. Write a paragraph on " Your family". 10

15. Suppose you are Maruf/Mim. You have a friend named Saber/Jerin. He/she wants to know about yours family. Now write a letter to him/her telling him/her about your family. 15 - See more at:

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