Saturday, March 9, 2013


Deforestation is a dreadful problem for the environment as plants are important
elements of an environment and nature. Almost all of the living beings are dependent on the plants either directly or indirectly. We can breathe on earth as the plants exist. If there is no plant, the earth will become lifeless. Plants maintain the oxygen cycle through photo-synthesis and we inhale oxygen. Most of the living beings on earth live on plant-oriented food, like fruits, vegetables, leaves etc. So, we cannot live a single moment on earth without any tree. But nowadays, plants are being destroyed at an alarming rate. A huge amount of plants are being cut down for construction works and for making furniture. In some countries, a large number of trees are cut down to burn brick in the brick-fields. Thus our trees are being destroyed and our life is falling in natural problem. According to the ecologists, for livable environment there should be forest on the 25% land of the total land area. But inBangladeshthere is 16% forest of the total land.  People are trying to plant trees. The rate of plantation is not satisfactory as compared to the rate people use trees to build their house and shelter. Now, we are experiencing natural disasters quite often and a number of diseases are spreading. The ecosystem is collapsing down. It also causes the rise of global warming. So, to save the nature, to save ourselves from being destroyed, we should stand against deforestation to ensure a healthy environment for our successors.

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