Sunday, March 3, 2013

dialogue for PEC Examiantion

Q. Read the following situation. Make a request dialogue & response. Use Would or Could.
You want your teacher to tell you about learning English.
Ans. A dialogue between myself and a teacher about learning English.
Myself : Teacher, would you tell me something about learning English.
Teacher : Yes, English is an international language. We should learn it well.
Myself : How could I do well in English?
Teacher : Just practice
Myself: could you tell me how to practice?
Teacher : Speak English like who knows English well.
You want a man to show you the way to the post office.
Ans. A dialogue between myself and a man for the way to the post office.
Myself : Would you help me, please?
The man : certainly. How can I help you?
Myself : could you tell me the way to the post office?
The man : Go straight and then turn left. On your right hand side you will see the post office.
Myself : Thank you.
You are asking some money from your mother.
Ans. A dialogue between myself and my mother for asking some money.
Myself : Would you give me some money?
Mother : What will you do with that?
Myself : I will buy a pen. Would you give it today?
Mother : No. Tomorrow.
Myself : Would you tell it to father?
Mother : No problem.
You want to help your younger brother in making a garden.
Ans. A dialogue between myself and nabil about making a garden.
Myself : Excuse me Nabil, I’m making a garden. could you help me?
Nabil : Of course, I like gardening very much.
Myself : In front of my reading room is a suitable place for gardening. would you mind to come now to help me?
Nabil : Sure, Let’s go.
Myself : Thanks.
No. 5
You want your teacher to solve you a problem.
Ans. A dialogue between myself and my teacher about to solve a problem.
Myself : Excuse me, sir could you solve me a problem?
Teacher : Of course. It’s very pleasure that you are eager to learn. What’s your problem?
Myself : I can’t solve a mathematical problem, could you solve it now, please?
Teacher : Sorry, I have to take an important class now. You may come just after the class. I shall help you.
Myself : Thank you, Sir.

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