Saturday, March 9, 2013

Natural Disaster in Bangladesh

A Natural Disaster You Have Experienced
Bangladeshis a land of natural disasters. Every year natural disasters like flood, cyclone visit our country and cause much destruction. These disasters are constant companions of the people of our country. Last year I had a terrible experience of a storm. It was the month of Baishakh. One day I got the news that my grandfather became very sick. Immediately I started for my village. When I reached the bus station of our Upazilla, it already became dark. The sky was cloudy. Our village is 3 kilometers from the bus station. I started running for my home. Suddenly the storm started. The wind was blowing with a terrible speed. There was lightning and thunder in the sky. I was in the middle of rice field. There was nobody around me. I was in a fix what to do. I started running with fear but could not see anything. Fortunately, I heard two people talking inside a small house made of straw. Entering the hut I got relieved. They gave me lungi and shirt to put on. I thanked them for their help. The storm continued for 2 hours. Then a calm and serene atmosphere prevailed. I started for my village again. Later I came to know that the storm was a cyclone and it caused much destruction in five villages of our Upazilla. Many houses were destroyed and many domestic animals were killed. It also damaged the standing crops of the field. I shall never forget the terrible experience of that storm.

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