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Fill in the gaps for HSC Exam

Fill in the gaps with suitable words from the boxes (Make any grammatical change if necessary). There are more words in the box than you need.
Unit – 10
(1) Unit- 10. Lesson- 1
In education the role of TV is very important. A good teacher can (a) ——- numerous students through a TV set which is impossible (b) ——. A good number of Bangladesh Open University students are (c) ——— lessons on TV. Thus a TV can (d) ——— the light of education all over the country as well as well the world. On the other hand, the (e) —— of satellite TV on society is mixed. We can (f) —— ourselves by (g) ——— the things which are good. But if we take those which are (h) ——- to our own culture and society, our moral values are (i) ———. So, the impact of satellite (j) ——- on the standpoint of our acceptance.

Ans: (a) teach, (b) otherwise, (c) learning, (d) spread, (e) impact, (f) enrich, (g) accepting, (h) contrary, (i) spoilt, (j) depends.

(2) Unit- 10. Lesson- 1

Young people often do not like (a) ——-, informative and didactic programmes. They (b) —— to watch the exciting TV films on (c) ———- and crime. As a result they are (d) ——- astray. They are learning many (e) ——- things from TV which they should not do. They often watch amorous (f) ——- on the TV and may get excited and try to exercise that (g) ——. The scenes of violence and crime often make them (h) ——-. They are learning how to commit crime in a more safe and sophisticated way. They are learning to (i) ——— narcotics. So (j) ———- should be aware of what their children are watching on TV.
Ans. (a) educative, (b) like, (c) violence, (d) going, (e) negative, (f) films (g) habit, (h) violent, (i) take (j) parents.

(3) Unit-10. Lesson- 4
There have been (a) ———— changes in the types of entertainment over time. Many of these no longer exist. Even if they do, people keep looking for newer forms of (b) ————. Thus snake charming, puppet show, Jatragan, Jarigan, Sharigan and Kabigan which were common forms of entertainment in the past, have almost lost their (c) ——-. Radio is now giving place to television and to (d) ———— channels in particular. The entertainment business, like other spheres of life, is getting (e) ———— day by day. Folk music or palligeeti is now sung with western (f) ————. At the same time, (g) ———— music is now fusing melodies from folk and traditional songs. In general, band and pop music are becoming more and more (h) ———— particularly among the (i) ———— generation. Sport has become a great source of entertainment (j) ————.

Ans. (a) significant, (b) entertainment, (c) appeal, (d) satellite, (e) westernised, (f) music, (g) modern, (h) popular, (i) young, (j) today.
(4) Unit-10. Lesson-4
We find changes in amusement and entertainment that (a) —— taken place over time. Common forms of entertainment like snake charming, puppet shows, jarigan (b) ———— popular in the past are gradually (c) ———— their appeal. They are (d) ———— out. We don’t (e) ———— the existence of many of these. Now people like to (f) ———— T. V. They (g) ———-concert, disco, pop etc. All the changes that have (h) ———— place today are not (i) ———— good. Sometimes people are (j) ———— to receive some bad aspects of Western culture.

Ans. (a) have, (b) being, (c) losing, (d) dying, (e) find, (f) enjoy, (g) prefer, (h) taken, (i) considered, (j) bound.

Fill in the gaps with suitable words from the boxes (Make any grammatical change if necessary). There are more words in the box than you need.
Unit – 11
(1) Unit-11. Lesson-5
The role of man is (a) ———— different from that of women in society. A man is the guide, protector and provider for his wife and children. A woman’s sole is that of wife, mother and homemaker. It was a common early (b) ———— that men should be the bread-winners and women should be busy at home (c) ————— food. In addition, women would give (d) ———— to and (e) ———— up children. A woman had to be (f) ———— which meant she had to be soft, weak, (g) ————, and dependent on men for her care and (h) ————. More than anything else, it was said that women (i) ————competency and (j) ————. But women have proved this otherwise throughout the world including Bangladesh.

Ans. (a) far, (b) belief, (c) preparing, (d) birth, (e) bring, (f) feminine, (g) submissive, (h) protection, (i) lacked, (j) efficiency

(2) Unit-11. Lesson-7
The British have a (a) ——- for (b) ———— their emotions private. Some obvious things are (c) ——- in British behaviour. For example, on public transport one passenger does not (d) ———— talk to another passenger. On meeting, people do not (e) ———— and often simply shake hands on a first (f) ————. In theaters, concert halls and cinemas audiences (g) ———— quiet during performances. None of these behaviour traits should be (h) ———— as unfriendliness. If a visitor (i) ———— the first move to start at conversation, he will find that British people are (j) ————.
Ans: (a) reputation, (b) keeping, (c) noticeable, (d) usually, (e) embrace, (f) introduction, (g) remain, (h) interpreted, (i) makes, (j) friendly.
(3) Unit-11. Lesson-6
(a) ——- has long been a part of our culture in Bangladesh. Although many other things are (b) ——-. Now, people are still quite polite and (c) ——- towards foreigners. They like (d) ——- to foreigners (e) ——— if they have not been (f) ———. It is quite common for Bangladeshis to ask personal questions (g) ———— family, jobs and income which visitors from overseas might find (h) ——. (i) —— it should be understood that no harm is meant by such questions- on the other hand, they (j) ——- a genuine interest in the foreigner’s state of affairs!

Ans: (a) Hospitality, (b) changing, (c) friendly, (d) speaking, (e) even, (f) introduced, (g) about, (h) awkward, (i) However, (j) express

(4) Unit-11. Lesson-6
Bangladesh has a (a) —— good communication network now. Anybody can (b) ——- to most places now (c) ——the bus or the train. The major cities have air links too. Some cities have regular flights, in most cases more than one flight, from and to Dhaka. However time (d) — are not often maintained (e) ——- and there may be (f) —-due to unforeseen causes. E-mail and Internet services are also satisfactory. (g) —- have opened up in the major cities which (h) —- internet services including e-mail quite (i) ——to everyone including overseas visitors. Internet services have also allowed some of Dhaka’s daily newspapers to reach readers (j) ———— the world.
Ans: (a) fairly, (b) travel, (c) on, (d) schedules, (e) strictly, (f) disruptions, (g) Cyber cafes, (h) provide, (i) cheaply, (j) around

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