Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dialogue for HSC Exam

Make a dialogue between two friends about a picnic.
Rana : Hello Romel! I have heard that you went on a picnic. How did you enjoy yourself ?
Romel : Yes, from our college we went on a picnic to Sonargaon.
Rana : When did you go?
Romel : We went last Monday.
Rana : How many people went there?
Romel : Including teachers we were total 5oo people. We hired six buses and started our journey at7 am. It took 3 hours to reach Sonargaon. We ourselves cooked our food.
Rana : What did you cook?
Romel : We cooked biriani and mutton curry.
Rana  : What did you see?
Romel : Sonargaon is a historical place. Once it was the capital ofBengal. There are some relics which attracted me much. There is a museum and we also visited it.
Rana : Have you taken snaps?
Romel : Yes, we have taken a lot of snaps. Please come to my home and I will show you them.
Rana : Thank you. Good bye.
Romel : Good bye.
5. Make a dialogue between two friends on the advantage and disadvantage of village life and city life.
Karim : Hello, Rahim? What will you do during the summer vacation?
Rahim : I will go to my native village to spend the vacation.
Karim : Why ? Let’s stay inDhaka. We shall visit many places ofDhakatogether during this vacation.
Rahim : Oh! No, I have become bored living inDhaka.
Karim : Why are you fed up with city life?
Rahim : Life in the city has become difficult. It is full of pollutions. In the city air is polluted and it is not possible to take fresh breath. There is also noise pollution. Besides, here people are too much busy. Nobody has time to talk. Everybody is busy with their own business. All have become robots.
Karim : I see, you have become too much dissatisfied with city life.
Rahim : Yes, I have. If you go to market you will not get any fresh vegetables like village but they are too expensive.
Karim : But you can not deny the advantage of city life. In the cities you can get modern facilities. There are good hospitals where you can get proper treatment. There are many good schools, colleges and universities. Transport system is also developed.

Rahim : I do not disagree with you.
Karim : Do you think that village life is always full of blessings? You will not get the facilities in the village that are available in the cities.
Rahim : Yes, you are right. So we can say that city life and village life both have advantages and disadvantages.
Karim : Yes, this is the fact. Thank you.
Rahim : Thank you, too.
6. Make a dialogue between you and manager to open a bank account.
I : May I come in, Sir?
Manager: Yes, come in. Have your seat.
I : Thank you very much.
Manager: What can I do for you?
I : I have come here to open a bank account. Can you tell me what I should do?
Manager: What kind of account do you like to open, savings or current?
I : Savings account.
Manager: Ok. Here is an application form. Fill it up. Next you should be introduced by a person who has a savings account with the bank. He will put his signature and write his address and account number in the application form. Here is a signature card. You have to give your specimen signature on it and attach two passport size photographs which must be attested by your introducer.
I : How much money will I have to deposit at first?
Manager: You will have to deposit Tk.1000/- at first.
I : Ok. I am coming tomorrow after having everything got ready. Thank you for your help.
Manager : You are welcome.

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