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English 2nd Paper Model Test for HSC Exam

Part-A : Grammar
1. Complete the passage with suitable verbs. give their correct tense. Put them in the correct tense, use the negatives necessary. 1x5=5
Has /complete/ paint/inscribe/ colour/take/ bring
Yesterday, when I asked my daughter whether she (a)____home task to do, she replied she already (b)____it. She then (c)____mango (d)____on an art paper. I was watching her. She was bending at her work. After a while, she wanted to know who (c)____her to school the next day.
Complete the passage with suitable verbs. give their correct tense.
Patriotism is a noble virtue. It (a)____ a man to do everything just and fair for his country and people. Actually it (b)____ those qualities which make a person (c)____ his/her life for the well____being of this country. Patriotic yeal (d)____a person dutiful, energetic and enthusiastic. On the other hand, those devoid of patriotic yeal (e)____any scruple to plot against the country.
2. Use articles where necessary put a cross (x) where an article is not needed. 1x5=5
Money cannot byu (a)____happiness. Money is (b)____must for our life. But it is not (c)____essential factor to bring our happiness. Happiness is absolutely (d) ____ psychological aspect. It is (e)____name of (f)____felling. It means the contentment of the man. He who is (g) ____satisfied with what he gets and contented is really (h)____happy man. Happiness cannot be purchased with (i)____money. No doubt, money has got something to do with (j)____happiness; but it cannot ensure our happiness.
3. Fill in the blanks with suitable linking words from the list. 1x5=5
Corruption has become a part and parcel of our life. (a) ____no office work is done without corruption; people have it as an acceptable practice. (b)____this evil practice should be stopped. (c)____the government is strict, it will not be possible. (d)____some corrupt officials are punished, it has not been evicted from govt. offices (e) ____, it must be eradicated at any cost.
Fill in the blanks with suitable words.
Gender discrimination is Bangladesh begins at birth. Most parents want to have children (a)____they can, when they are older supplement their family income. In the existing socio____economic set up, male children are best suited to this purpose. (b)____girls are born in an unwelcome world, (c)____they are assigned (d) ____ confined to domestic chores. Some of these girls may be at school. But all their work, domestic or academic stops (e) ____ they are married off which is the prime concern of their parents.
4. Make meaningful sentences with the following idioms (any five). 1x5=5
after all, all and sundry, bad flood, far and wide, in the long run, armed to the teeth.
5. Rewrite the following in the reported speech. 1x5=5
"Have you seen her, Jerry Lately? I see her every summer. She sends for me." I wanted to cry out, "Why are you no with her? How can she let you go away again?" He said, "She comes up here from Manville whenever she can. She doesn't have a job now. She wanted to give me a puppy but they can't let any one boy keep a puppy."
6. Read the following passage and transform the underlined sentences as directed. 1x5=5
(a) Patriotism is a very noble virtue (Interrogative). In inspires a man who can do everything just and fair for the betterment of the country. (b) It is one of the best qualities of a man (Positive). (c) A patriot is loved and respected by his countrymen (Active). (d) An unpatriotic man is hated everywhere (complex). (e) Despite his wordly immense wealth, he remains a worthless person (Compound).
7. Write appropriate tag questions for each on the following sentences. 1x5=5
(a) Well, it is many years since I met you,____?
(b) 20 years ago, we meet. We are none of us getting younger,____?
(c) You look so tired,____?
(d) I have just come from London. But I am glad to meet you,____?
(e) I think you are still single,____?
8. Complete the following sentences. (any five) 1x5=5
(a)____last night because the road was wet.
(b)____my friend yesterday but I did not.
(c) The person whom____.
(d) Soma did not attend the party and neither____.
(e) It is very essential that every student ____.
Part-B : Composition (60 Marks)
9. You are a reporter of a reputed daily. You have interviewed many slum____dwellers about their ways of life. Now write a report on them. 10
Read the following paragraph. Using this as a model write a paragraph on 'The postman'. First write a good topic sentence and then write sentences to develop that idea.
A Village Doctor
The man who gives medical treatment to the village people is known as a village doctor. The village doctor is a man of great importance in society. He is well known to the villagers. He renders good service to the villagers when they fall ill. He is not well qualified. He does not have a good schooling. He gathers experience by working under a qualified doctor or in a medicine shop. His dispensary offers a poor show with one or two worn out almirahs, an old wooden chair, a broken table and one or two benches. The village doctor leads a very hard and busy life. He gets up early in the morning. He begins to attend the patients present at his dispensary just at 8.00 am and finishes at late hours of night. Though he sometimes worsens the disease of a patient he is the most trusted person to the villagers. He is their best friend. He shares their weal and woe. He consoles them and hears them. He treats his patients with sympathy.
10. Write a short composition is not more than 250 words and any of the following. 15
(a) An Ideal Teacher, (b) Street Children
(c) Arsenic Contamination in Bangladesh.
11. Write an application to the Principal of your college praying for a testimonial. 10
12. Summaries the following passage and give a suitable title to the summary. 10
Most of our students cannot write out their examination papers fairly. As they cannot understand the questions properly, they often beat about the bush and cram their answers with irrelevant and unnecessary details. Sometimes they fail to arrange their answers neatly, clearly and systematically. Although the teacher suggests that their answers should be brief and precise, they often lengthen unnecessary where size does not matter at ll. They have silly notion that the more they write the more will be their marks. They reality is just opposite, their long answers generally become disgusting,. Such answers always earn unhappy marks. In order to get expected marks. All you should do is to understand the questions well and answer them just to the point. Don't worry. If you answer are fairly short. Be sure your sentences make a sense. Above all, you need a neat presentation. To answer the sort comprehension questions, you should not copy anything blindly from the passage. Try to answer the questions more or less in your won English. Frame your answers exactly in the same tense as the questions are in. Plain and clear English is not bad.
write a dialogue between you and your friend about smoking is open places.
13. The following story is incomplete. Complete it with the following cue. 15
One day Rana was returning home form school. He was crossing the rail line. He found one of the slippers of the rail line missing. The he...

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