Monday, March 4, 2013

dialogue for HSC Examination

Make a dialogue between two friends about the preparation for the HSC examination.
Habib : What happened Rana? You look very worried
Rana : My examination is drawing near but I can not decide how I will take preparation.
Habib : You should not be afraid. At first you should divide your time and plan how you will complete your courses. Try to find out in which subjects you are weak. Consult with your teachers and try to solve them.
Rana : I am very weak in English. How can I overcome this problem?
Habib : At first you should understand  the grammatical rules. Solve the questions of different colleges from test paper. Write English everyday at least one page. Read the text book carefully and increase your vocabulary power. How is your preparation in mathematics?
Rana : I have no problem in mathematics. I am good at this subject.
Habib : Very good. But you should practice it regularly. Do not be worried. Study regularly and do not waste time. Then you will be successful.
Rana : Thank you for your advice.
8. Make a dialogue between two friends about admission into university.
Habib : What is your plan about admission into university?
Rana : I am thinking to be admitted intoDhakaUniversity.
Habib : To be admitted intoDhakaUniversityis very tough. You should take proper preparation because the number of seats is limited but the number of candidates is very high.
Rana : Yes, I know it. How should I take preparation?
Habib : You should read your text books carefully. Buy an admission guide book and solve the different questions of different universities.
Rana : Yes, I have already bought a guide book and am studying it. But how can I collect the admission form?
Habib : The admission notice will be circulated in the daily newspaper.
Rana : If I do not get admitted intoDhakaUniversity, I want to go abroad for higher education. What is your suggestion?
Habib : It is better to go abroad for higher education but it is very expensive. Besides you have to complete IELTS course with a good result.
Rana : Thank you for your good suggestion.

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