Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dialogue for HSC Examination

1. Make a dialogue between two friends about visit to a historical place.
Rita : Hello! Rana, have you ever visited any historical place?
Rana : Yes, I visited Bagerhat.
Rita :When did you visit?
Rana : Last year our college arranged a study tour in Bagerhat and I joined the tour.
Rita : Why have you chosen Bagerhat for your study tour?
Rana : Bagerhat has historical importance. It is one of the oldest cities ofBangladesh. Khan Jahan Ali founded it and he established many mosques here. Shat-Gambuj-Mosque is one of them. Our college arranged this tour to give us a clear picture about this historical city.
Rita : What did you see there?
Rana : We visited the famous Shat-Gambuj-Mosque. It is a big and beautiful mosque. It stands on sixty stone pillars. But you will be surprised to know that though the mosque is called shat ( sixty) gambuj it has seventy seven domes.
Rita : Really, it’s surprising! What have you seen more?
Rana : We also visited the majar of Khan Jahan Ali. The tomb is made of cut out stones. There is a big tank in front of the majar. The local people call it Ghora Dighi.
Rita : I think you are really lucky because you got a nice opportunity to visit such a nice place.
Rana : Yes, I think so and I feel proud that our country has such a beautiful historical place.
If you have time, you should also visit the place.
2. Make a dialogue between two friends about the importance of learning English.
Rita : Hello, Rana! What has happened? You look worried.
Rana : Yes, I am worried about my English. I am weak in English. But it is not possible for me to get a good job without good English.
Rita : Yes, you are right. Importance of English is increasing day by day. At present global world English is must. It is necessary for communication around the world. It helps the business community. The man who knows English can expand his business.
Rana : Yes, I agree with you. Besides, today all job advertisements seek for English knowing people. English helps to get good jobs and better salaries.
Rita : English is also needed for higher education. My cousin, Kona who is good at English went toLondonlast month to study computer science. All the books of higher education are written in English. If you do not know English it is not possible for you to be highly educated.
Rana : You are absolutely right. The importance of English in our life is so great that we can’t neglect it.
Rita : So try hard. Then you will be able to learn English. Best of luck.

3. Make a dialogue between a customer and a book seller on buying books.
Book seller: Good morning. How can I help you, sir?
Customer: I am looking for a book on Indian Music.
Book seller: Would you please tell me who wrote the book?
Customer: Yes, it was written by Pandit Ram Kumar Sharma.
Book seller: Please wait for a moment. I am bringing the book.
Customer: OK
Book seller: Here is the book.
Customer:  Thanks. But the book looks old. Can you show me another copy of it?
Book seller: Sorry sir, I have a single copy.
Customer: OK. How much does it cost?
Book seller: Five hundred taka.
Customer: Here is the money.
Book seller: Thank you sir. Please visit us again.
Customer: Thank you too.

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