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Pair Of Words With examples

Accede: We acceded his proposal.
Exceed: His expenditure has increased.
Advice: He listened to my advice.
Advise: I advised him to marry soon.
Accept: I accepted his proposal
Except: Except this I know nothing.
Assay: We assayed to catch the thief.
Essay: You have written an essay on flood.
Access: I have no access to his room.
Excess: Excess of anything is bad.
Affect: Crops was badly affected by recent flood.
Effect: The effect of gambling is far reaching.
Altar: The Hindus sacrificed animals at the altar of their gods.
Alter: I can not alter my decision.
Allusion: Explain the allusion of event.
Illusion: The world is an illusion.
Adopt: Do not adopt unfair means in the examination.
Adept: He is adept in art.
Adapt: He cannot adapt himself with the new society.
Artist: He is an artist of drama.
Artisan: He is a good artisan.
Artistic: She has an artistic appearance.
Ascend: Akbar ascended the throne in his boyhood.
Assent: I had an assent to the proposal.


Bail: He was released on bail.
Bale: There were five hundred bale of jute in the mill.
Beneficent: God is very beneficent to us.
Beneficial: Cow is a beneficial animal.
Born: He was born on Sunday.
Borne: Cholera is water born disease.
Besides: Besides this I know nothing.
Beside: The village is situated beside a river.
Berth: I had a berth in the ship.
Birth: She gave birth two children at a time.
Break out: Cholera has broken out in this area.
Out break: There is a outbreak of arsenicosis.


Calender: We bought a new calender.
Calendar: We had a calendar of 1800.
Confidant: He is a confidant.
Confident: This is a confident result.
Contageous: Pox is a contageous disease.
Contiguous: The family is contiguous to us.
Credible: The news is credible.
Creditable: His service is creditable.
Credulous: Our children are always credulous.
Canvas: This canvas is not used for shirt.
Canvass: He is canvassing for vote.
Canon: There is no canon in our club.
Cannon: They used cannon in a trifling matter.
Childlike: We like her for childlike simplicity.
Childish: Give up your childish behaviour.
Car: I have no car.
Cur: He is a cur.
Cite: This word is cited from Nazrul Rachanaboli.
Site: The site of the college is very nice.
Complement: This law is a complement to the Act of 1937.
Compliments: Convey my compliments to your mother.
Causal: There is no causal connection to this fact.
Casual: The Headmaster granted me three days casual leave.
Custom: It is custom of Hindu community.
Costume: He likes modern costume.
Council: He is a member of the council.
Counsel: He gave us a good counsel.
Check: Check the beast in you.
Cheque: He gave me a cheque.
Coma: He fell in coma.
Comma: Put a comma here.
Collision: There was a collision between a bus and a truck.
Collusion: There was collusion between the police and the robbers.
Corporal: He was given corporal punishment.
Corporeal: The gene is not a corporeal being.
Corps: We organized a voluntary corps in 1971.
Corpse: The corpse was brought for funeral.
Cast: The fisherman cast the net into the sea.
Caste: What caste do you belong to?


Dice: I like to play at dice.
Dies: He marked a nice dies on the paper.
Dying: He is in dying condition now.
Dyeing: He is expert in dyeing.
Drown: The boy was drowned in the sea.
Sink: The shit sank in the Atlantic.
Due: I have paid my dues.
Dew: Dew drops at night.
Disease: Take preventive measures against diseases.
Decease: Decease is certain for all animals.
Foul: I don’t like such foul word.
Fowl: He bought five fowls.
Farm: I have an agricultural farm.
Firm: I worked in a commercial firm.
Fair: He performed a fair dealing.
Fare: He gave me five takas for train fare.
Female: This law will protect female right.
Womanly: I do not like your womanly talking.


Goal: What is your goal of life?
Geol: He was freed from the geol.
Graceful: She is graceful to look at.
Gracious: God is very gracious.


Human: To err is human.
Humane: He is very humane.
Hang: He was hanged for murder.
Hung: The picture was hung on the wall.
History: What is the history of this park?
Historical: Cite me the historical background of the college.
Honorary: .He is the honorary member of the club.
Honourable: He is a honourable person.


Industrial: Tongi is an industrial area.
Industrious: He is an industrious person.
Imperial: It is an imperial building.
Imperious: I hate his imperious conduct.
Imaginary: This is an imaginary story.
Imaginative: He is an imaginative poet.


Jealous: He is very jealous.
Zealous: Jamal is a zealous student.
Judicial: This trial will be brought to a judicial bench.
Judicious: He made a judicious appeal.


Loose: my shirt is very loose.
Lost: My pen was lost yesterday.
Luxurious: He leads a luxurious life.
Luxuriant: The tree has a luxuriant growth.
Literate: He is a literate person.
Literary: He is a member of literary club.
Lovely: She is famous for her lovely looking.
Loveable: The boy is really loveable to me.


Moral: He has a strong moral character.
Morale: I have no morale now.
Momentary: We should not run after momentary world.
Momentous: It is a momentous event.
Main: Rice is our main food.
Mane: The lioness has no mane.


Notable: He is notable for his social jobs.
Notorious: He is a notorious thief.


Ornament: She likes gold ornament.
Ornamental: We have an ornamental asset.
Official: He went to Dhaka for an official matter.
Officious: He is an officious man.


Parson: He worked in the church as a parson.
Person: He is a nice person.
Patrol: The police patrol on the road.
Petrol: We use petrol for this car.
Play: He plays in the field.
Play: Othello is a play of Shakespeare.
Paper: We write on paper.
Pepper:  We use pepper in cooking.
Popular: Mr. Ali is a popular person.
Populous: Bangladesh is a populous country.
Practice: Practice makes a man perfect.
Practise: We parctise in the field daily.
Pray: We prayed for a tube well.
Prey: Lion is beast of prey.
Physic: No physic can cure him.
Physics: I have no knowledge about physics.
Physique: Her physique is very attractive.
Principal: Jute is our principal cash crop.
Principle: He has a strong principle.
Prescribe: The doctor prescribed this medicine.
Proscribe: The government has proscribed this law.


Quite: The condition of the goods is very nice.
Quiet: Keep quiet in the class.


Register: This register will do.
Registrar: He is a registrar of a university.
Respectable: He is a respectable person.
Respectful: We should respectful to our parents.
Roll: What is your roll number.
Role: Your role on the committee is important.
Raid: The police raided the club last night.
Red: The shirt is red.


Sleep: Tiger sleeps by day.
Slip: It is a slip of tongue.
Sanguine: I am sanguine of my success.
Sanguinary: He fought a sanguinary fight.
Stationary: The sun is stationary.
Stationery: I have a stationery shop.
Short: Your shirt is very short.
Sort: What sort of man are you?
Social: Man is social animal.
Sociable: He is sociable by nature.
Sensible: Man is sensible.
Sensitive: She is very sensitive girl.
Sole: He is sole agent of the product.
Soul: Let his soul rests in peace.
Sometimes: He comes here sometimes.
Sometime: He was sometime a teacher in this school.


Tale: Tell me a tale.
Tail: The cow has a tail.
Temporal: I do not like temporal pleasures.
Temporary: He is a temporary guard.


Urban: Many people live in urban areas.
Urbane: His urbane manner pleased all.


Venal: He works with a venal motive.
Venial: It is a venial offence.
Verbal: It is a verbal order.
Verbose: She writes in a verbose style.


Week: I am working here for a week.
Weak: He is too weak to move.
Womanly: I do mot like your womanly attitude. Female: Female education is our crying need.


Yoke: The bulls broke The Yoke.
Yolk: The yolk of the egg is yellow.


Zealous: Jamal is a zealous student.
Jealous: He is very jealous.

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