Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Report on situation/event/incident

Writing a report on situation/event/incident.
Human chain protesting eve-teasing
Hamid Ali, Babugonj, November 10, 2012. The teachers and students of Babugonj Degree College formed a human chain in front of the Barisal Press Club yesterday to create public awareness and protest against eve-teasing.
A large number of students and teachers took part in the programme.
They were carrying different placards and banners and demanding the punishment of the eve-teasers as well as the killers of the Mizanur Rahman, a teacher of Natore Girls’ College. Recently the tendency of eve-teasing has increased around the country and the innocent school and college going girls are becoming the victims of this inhuman treatment.
The Deputy Commissioner of Barisal Police Super and political leaders spoke during the occasion. The speakers urged the teenagers not to tease any one as it is a social crime and the eve-teasers must be punished. Besides social campaign against eve-teasing, acid throwing, hijacking should be launched by the government to keep the young generation free from this curse. But above all, we should be conscious of such kind of ills of the society.
5. Rahela is a village girl of a conservative family. She is waiting for her HSC results. She dreams to read in a university after passing the HSC examination. She wants to be a teacher and will make young people educated. She is also anxious of her conservative parents.
They think otherwise.
Educating a daughter means mere waste of time and money to them, because she will not contribute to anything to the family. So her parents are trying to get their daughter married. At last they have arranged everything for her marriage with young unemployed man, who lives in a nearby village. But Rahela does not agree to her parent’s proposal.
Last of all Rahela goes to her teacher living in the same village to request him to convince her parents. The teacher takes an initiative and is able to make her parents understand that what they are thinking is wrong and may bring about a sad
event in the family. Her parents have understood it. Rahela is now reading in BA honours in a girls college in her upazila. Her dream is going to be true.

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