Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Free Hand Writing Tips

have to, has to, have got to, having to, had to, must, should এর ব্যবহার অনুশীলন করেছো। এখন "How to do well in the examination" Paragraph টি তে তা প্রয়োগ করব।

He has to study his books properly. Then he has to approach the strategy to the examination on the day. He has to check his exam dates and times. He has to make his exam sheet and has to margin rightly. Next he has to read through the total question paper. After that he has to find out his most common questions and underline the key words in the questions. Then he has to budget his time. And he has to think at least five minutes per question and should plan how to answer completely. He has to cope with uncommon questions also and should try to understand again and again. Moreover he must half way through writing the answer and has to recheck the number and the themes of that question. Besides he should space between the two paragraphs and has to highlight the main points in the exam paper.

যেহেতু paragraph এর ending বা শেষের অংশটুকুতে নিজের মন্তব্যগুলো প্রাধান্য পায় বেশি সেহেতু আমরা এখানে নিজেদের কাছে যে বিষয়গুলো উচিত বা অনুচিত এবং কোন সর্তকতার বিষয়গুলো উল্লেখ করব। যেমন:

He should be serious to examination always and does not have to elaborate his answers. Besides he must follow the instructions of the examination and should not copy in examination.

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