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Cadet Admission Model Test

1. Basic rights aren’t easy because they are —
(a) very cheap (b) cheap
(c) expensive (d) exhausted
2. Anwar Hussain goes fishing with — (a) net or rod (b) net or bucket
(c) spear or line (d) fish-hook or rod
3. The hands began to —
(a) wash hands (b) collect food
(c) wash face (d) wash clothes
4. The singular form is. ‘Those are benches’
(a) This is a bench (b) That are benches
(c) That is a bench (d) Those is benches
5. The (dog) gave birth of two puppies:
(a) male dog (b) female dog (c) cur (d) bitch.
6. The feminine gender of- ‘The hunter killed a lion’
(a) The hunter killed a lion (b) The huntress killed a lioness (c) The hunter killed a lioness
(d) The huntress killed a lion
7. The superlative degree is — ‘later’
(a) Least (b) Lattest (c) Latest (d) Last
8. Article is used based on —
(a) spelling (b) meaning
(c) sound (d) pronunciation
9. I do not like — untidy girl (article). (a) the (b) a (c) an (d) no article
10. Get the sum (to do).
(a) Get the sum doing (b) Get the sum to do
(c) Get the sum done (d) Get the sum to doing
11. The hen has (to lay) ten eggs.
(a) The hen has lied ten eggs
(b) The hen has lays ten eggs
(c) The hen has lain ten eggs
(d) The hen has laid ten eggs
12. The man (to hang) for murder.
(a) The man was hung for murder
(b) The man was hanged for murder
(c) The man was hang for murder
(d) The man is hange for murder
13. Which is the short form of will not?
(a) Willn’t (b) won’t (c) wiln’t (d) will’t
14. An adverb is a modifying word that qualifies a —
(a) Verb (b) Noun (c) Subject (d) Pronoun
15. A pronoun takes the place of a —
(a) Subject (b) Noun (c) adverb (d) adjective
16. Asif flies a kite. Here flies is —
(a) Finite Verb (b) Transitive Verb
(c) Auxiliary Verb (d) Causative Verb
17. Don’t laugh at the poor. The sentence type is —
(a) Assertive (b) Imperative
(c) Interrogative (d) Compound
18. He killed himself. Here ‘killed’ is —
(a) Reflexive Verb (b) Pro-Verb
(c) Non-finite Verb (d) Causative Verb
19.Hurrah! We won the match. Here Hurrah is —
(a) Conjunction (b) Interjection
(c) Preposition (d) Subject
20.This book is mine. Here ‘mine’ is — Pronoun.
(a) Nominative (b) Objective
(c) Possessive (d) None of the above
21. Which one is the correct sentence?
(a) He does not know to write
(b) He cannot know how to write
(c) He do not know how to write
(d) He does not know how to write
22. He is poor but honest. Here but is —
(a) Interjection (b) Conjunction
(c) Preposition (d) None of the above
23. Which one is correct?
(a) I have got a headache
(b) I am attacked with a headache
(c) I am got a headache
(d) I have a headache
24 This is your book and that one is —
(a) my (b) mine (c) him (d) me
25. The plural form of dwarf is —
(a) dwarvess (b) dwarfs (c) dwarfies (d) dwarf
26. The plural of ‘it’ is —
(a) This (b) They (c) These (d) That
27. The plural of ‘thesis’ is —
(a) Thesises (b) Thesis’s
(c) Theses (d) Theseses
28. The feminine of monk is —
(a) mank (b) nun (c) ewe (d) roe
29. The masculine of widow is —
(a) widowes (b) widower (c) witch (d) wizard
30.The comparative form of latest is....
(a) late (b) later (c) latter (d) latar
31. The superlative form of farther is —
(a) far (b) farthest (c) farest (d) closest
32. উপদেশ অপেক্ষা দৃষ্টান্ত ভালো।
(a) Example is more better precept
(b) Example is preferable than precept
(c) Example is more than precept
(d) Example is better than precept
33. His father is — M.P.
(a) a (b) the (c) an (d) am
34.The more a man gets,—more he wants.
(a) a (b) an (c) the (d) some
35. Habib went to school and so—his sister.
(a) do (b) came (c) did (d) go
36. We enjoyed — at Cox’s Bazar.
(a) ourself (b) ourselves (c) usself (d) ourselv
37. He gave me the book —
(a) will (b) willy (c) willingly (d) willing
38. Saber prefers films — stage plays.
(a) in (b) to (c) by (d) than
39. সে অঙ্কে কাঁচা।
(a) He is green in Mathematics
(b) He is bad in Mathematics
(c) He is foolish in Mathematics
(d) He is weak in Mathematics
40. It is high time he — his bad habits.
(a) change (b) changed
(c) has changed (d) changing
41. Everybody — flowers.
(a) love (b) loves (c) loved (d) will love
42. If I had a typewriter, I — myself.
(a) will type (b) would type (c) type (d) typed
43. I — a book when he came in.
(a) is reading (b) was reading
(c) read (d) would read
44. Let a shirt — for me.
(a) be bring (b) be buy
(c) be brought (d) was brought
45. Can you drive a car? No, I —
(a) I can (b) I can’t (c) I could (d) I mayn’t
46. ‘It is a very beautiful bird.’ (Exclamatory)
(a) What a beautiful bird it is!
(b) What a beautiful bird is it!
(c) What a beautiful bird it will!
(d) A beautiful bird it is!
47. The indirect narrative form of come is —
(a) Came (b) go (c) went (d) arrive
48. What is meant by the world? .
(a) the universe (b) the earth
(c) the land (d) the country/land
49. Who reached Australia first?
(a) Captain Reeves (b) Captain James
(c) Captain Roosevelt (d) Captain Cook
50. The mother kept one stick for —
(a) himself (b) ownself (c) herself (d) the farmer
51. How were the crops without rain?
(a) green (b) golden (c) yellow (d) blue
52. What is meant by ‘withdraw’? .
(a) went out (b) bring out
(c) look out (d) take out
53.We supported Bangladesh —.
(a) whole heartedly (b) with one voice (c) whole mind (d) None
54. I have a ambition — leadership.
(a) about (b) for (c) to (d) in
55. They requested the chairman to look—the matter.
(a) in (b) into (c) up (d) at
56. Look—the word in the dictionary.
(a) up (b) in (c) into (d) at
57. Freedom is man’s birth right. Here ‘freedom’ is—
(a) Material Noun (b) Abstract noun
(c) Proper Noun (d) Collective noun
58. Whom do you like most? Here ‘whom’ is —
(a) Pronoun (b) Adjective
(c) Conjunction (d) Adverb
59.—gold of Africa is pure.
(a) The (b) A (c) An (d) No article
60. If I were you I (handle) the situation more carefully.
(a) would handle (b) will handle
(c) would have handled (d) handled
61. Walk fast lest you (miss) the train.
(a) would miss (b) should miss
(c) miss (d) will miss
62.‘If I knew this before’ is an —
(a) assertive sentence
(b)optative sentence
(c) exclamatory sentence
(d) Imperative sentence
63. I can do it in — hour and — half.
(a) a, an (b) an, a (c) a, a (d) the, a
64. The Headmaster and the Chairman (to be) present in the meeting yesterday.
(a) am (b) are (c) was (d) were
65. The rat is moving — the box.
(a) in (b) into (c) inside (d) on
Read the passage carefully and answer question (66-70).
The great ship Titanic sailed for New York from Southampton on April 10th, 1912. She was carrying 1316 passengers and a crew of 891. At that time, however, she was not only the largest ship that sixteen water tight compartments. The tragic sinking of this great liner will always be remembered for she went down on her first voyage with heavy loss of life.
Four days after setting out, while the Titanic was sailing across the icy-water of the North Atlantic, a huge iceberg was suddenly spotted by a look out. After the alarm had been given the great ship turned sharply to avoid a collision. Suddenly there was slight trembling sound from below and the captain went down to see what ship had been damaged, below, the captain realized to his horror that the Titanic was sinking rapidly, for five of the sixteen water tight compartments had already been flooded.
66. The Titanic was bound for –
(a) New York (b) Southampton
(c) New Hampshire (d) Chicago
67. The word ‘crew’ means —
(a) the captain of the ship (b) the sailors (c) a group of people working together (d) people working on the ship
68. How many watertight compartments did the Titanic have?
(a) fifteen (b) sixteen (c) seventeen (d) eighteen
69. This great liner will always be remembered, Here the liner means —
(a) a passenger’s ship that travels on a regular route (b) a ruler used to draw a straight line (c) a person who keeps a telephone connection open (d) a person who works in line with the others
70. The Titanic collided with —
(a) another passenger ship (b) a rock
(c) a huge iceberg (d) a cargo-ship
71. Write a story by following the hints given below :
A farmer—his goose—daily laid a golden egg—the farmer greedy—killed the goose to get all the eggs inside her—got not a single egg—Moral.
72. Write a paragraph :
Class Party / Your Favourite Teacher.


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