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Story for SSC/HSC Examination

 English to Enjoy Life : Today, studying languages is as important as it is finishing high school, studying in college, and being educated in general. Even though it is not compulsory, everybody should understand how opportunities will show up in their lives more often just by being multilingual. Learning languages is affordable and will really make the difference in your professional life.

There is no denying that learning English, when you are not a native speaker is practically mandatory. This is not limited to our working lives. If we don’t speak English we might many times be left ‘out of the system’. English rules the Internet and technology world. Practically all languages loan English terms to talk about technology, they are becoming universal words. On the other hand, English students learn through technology. Information about subjects that you find interesting, especially regarding technology and science, may be published in English.

Learning the language will give you the tools to access such material, and it will also let you communicate with students and researchers in those fields. English is the most widespread languages and the mostly taught second tongue for non-natives. Learning in the context of native locals also helps the process. That is the reason why many people are currently taking English classes in Houston, where not only are they taught by a native English speaker, but also they can continue to speak the language when the lesson is over.

Of course, if you already speak English, you cannot make due with only one language. According to a Czech proverb “You live a new life for every language you speak. If you only know one language, you live only once”.

Learning a foreign language can help you better understand your own culture as well as other different ones. You will be surprised to find how much you and other cultures have in common, and how much you can differ. If you are interested in music, films, literature, TV programs or any other form of culture in general, a foreign language will give you a different overview. For instance, people who take Italian Classes in Boston can now appreciate the ancient history from another point of view. The Italian renaissance marked the close of the middle Ages in Europe. “Renaissance” in Italian means “re-birth”. During this period, people re-discovered learning and looked back to the classical civilizations of Greece and Rome for their inspirations. The whole paradigm was changed. Learning Italian allows you to plunge into this world-changing period of time in history. Learn English to Enjoy Life.

The Fox and The Grapes

There was this fox who wanted to eat a bunch of grapes. He was always lured by the violet colour and round shape of them. All he could do was just look at them from a distance. The vineyard owners all had a tight fence around it. He could not nudge his way into any of the vineyards.

One day by luck he was able to enter into one of the lush vineyards. He started gazing at the grapes hanging down. He started to reach them. But in vain only. He tried hard. He jumped harder many times. But nothing happened. He could not reach the ripe grapes.

Finally the dejected fox went away lamenting, “Oh! After all grapes must be sour and tasteless.”


Once upon a time, there was a lazy wolf living in a jungle. Near his house was a pond. Many animals came to the pond to drink water. The wolf was always in search of food.

One day, he was sitting near the pond hoping to get something to eat. When suddenly he spotted a dead bull. “Aha! What a luck! Now I can eat all I want,” he thought and his mouth strated watering.

He began to eat the bull. A thought struck him, “if another beast comes this way he will ask for a share. I had better eat fast.” ‘Grub! Grub! Grub! Grub1’ he chewed, faster and faster.

In his haste, a piece of bone got stuck in his throat. “Ohh! Errk!” cried the wolf. He tried to bring it out of his mouth. He tried to cough it out but in vain. Next, he tried to swallow it down but he failed.

“Ooh, the bone in throat hurts. What shall I do now?” thought the wolf. Suddenly he remembered that a crane lived on the nearby riverbank.

The wolf went to the crane and pleaded, “My dear Crane! I have got a bone stuck in my throat. I will give you a present, if you pull it out of my throat with your long beak.”

The crane took pity on the wolf. He asked the wolf to look up with his mouth open. The crane then put its head into the wolf’s mouth and pulled out the bone.

“Oh! What a relief!” the wolf sighed.

“Now where is my present?” asked the crane.

“What present?” the wolf replied, pretending not aware of its promise.

“You said that you would give me a present if I remove the bone from your throat,” said the crane humbly.

“Hah! Is it not a present that you put your head into my mouth and got out alive? I could have easily crushed your head while your beak was inside my mouth,” said the ungrateful wolf and went away.

The crane felt helpless and decided not to help any ungrateful creature in the future. 

The Clever Fox is quite interesting to all the people. Enjoy reading this story.

There once lived a crow. One day he was very hungry. He had not been able to get any food the previous day. “If I do not get anything to eat I will starve to death,” he thought.

As the crow was searching for food, his eyes fell on a piece of bread. He quickly swooped down, picked it up and flew off. Far away in a lonely place he sat on a tree to enjoy the bread.

Just then a hungry fox saw the crow sitting on the tree holding the bread in his mouth. “Yummy! That bread looks delicious. What I would give to get that piece of bread,” the fox thought.

The fox decided to use all his cunning means to get the piece of bread from the mouth of the crow. He sat under the tree. The crow saw him and thought, “I guess this fox wants to eat my bread. I shall hold it carefully.” And he held on to the bread even more tightly.

The clever fox spoke to the crow politely. He said, “Hello friend! How are you?” But the crow did not say anything.

“Crows are such lovely birds. And you are very charming too,” said the fox, flattering the crow.

Then the fox said,” I have heard that besides being beautiful you also have a sweet voice. Please sing a song for me.”

By now the crow started to believe what the fox was saying. “The fox knows true beauty. I must be the most beautiful bird in this whole world. I will sing him a song,” thought the crow.

As soon as the foolish crow opened his mouth to sing the bread fell from its beak and into the ground. The Clever fox, which had just been waiting for this very moment, caught the bread in his mouth and gulped it down his throat.

The crow had paid a heavy price for his foolishness.
This Short Story The Hospitality of The Pigeon is quite interesting to all the people. Enjoy reading this story.

Once upon a time, there lived two pigeons. They were husband and wife. They spend their day looking for food. In the evening they would come and rest on their favorite tree in the forest.

One evening, the wife returned home early. A usual she was waiting for her husband, when suddenly it started raining. She strated to worry. “Where are you, my dear? You never get so late,” she whispered to herself.

Just then she saw a bird-catcher coming towards her. In a cage he had a pigeon. It was her husband. “OH no, what shall I do now” I wish I can help my husband,” she said. She desperately tried to distract the bird-catcher by flapping her wings, but all in vain.

Soon, it stopped raining. “Brrr! It is so cold,” said the bird-catcher. His clothes were wet. He decided to sit under the same tree where the two pigeons lived.

The poor wife sat by her husband’s cage. And she started to cry. The husband said. “Do not feel sad, dear. We now have a guest. This man is shivering and hungry. He needs your help.” Hearing this, the wife flew around getting dry twigs. She made a fire for the bird-catcher. Then she looked at the bird-catcher and said, “You are our guest, since I have no food to offer, I will jump into this fire. In few minutes I will become an edible item for you. You can eat me.”

By now, the bird-catcher was overwhelmed by the hospitality of the humble pigeon couple. He at once stopped the wife jumping into the fire.

He opened the cage and set the husband free. “I have been cruel and selfish. I will never trap any bird in my net again,” said the bird-catcher and went away. The two pigeons were happy to be reunited.  

This Short Story The Donkey and The Horse is quite interesting to all the people. Enjoy reading this story.

Once, there lived a washer man named Bheema. He had a donkey and a horse. The donkey carried clothes to the pond and back to his house. The horse carried Bheema to the market and back, occasionally. The donkey worked much harder than the horse.

On a bright sunny day, Bheema was going to the pond with donkey. He took the horse along to give it a drink of water. The donkey was carrying a heavy load of clothes. The horse was carrying nothing. The load was unusually heavy and the donkey’s back was hurting.

When the pain became unbearable the donkey said to the horse, “This load is too much for me, brother! Please take some of this load on your back.”

The horse replied some what rudely, “Eh! Why should I? I am here only to carry our master to the market.” The proud horse continued on his way. The day was getting hotter as the day went on. The donkey felt totally exhausted. He was almost dragging himself. “Humph! Humph!” The donkey tried to move. He just could not. The poor donkey collapsed to the ground. “Oh! What has happened to the poor donkey?” thought the washer man.

Immediately he took the load off the donkey. “Indeed the load is really very heavy. I should have been little more careful,” thought the washer man. Then he gave some water to the donkey. The donkey felt better now.

The washer man then picked up the bundle of clothes off the back of the donkey and placed it on the horse’s back. “Umf! Umf! Came the sound from the horse’s mouth. “I should have helped the donkey. I made a mistake. I should have taken half the load when the donkey requested me. Now I realize sharing a burden is easier.” The horse carried the heavy load of clothes for the remaining distance. There after both the donkey and the horse lived together. 

This Short Story The Lamb and The Wolf is quite interesting to all the people. Enjoy reading this story.

Once there was a naughty lamb. His mother always loved her child so much that she worried about the safety of the child. His mother always warned him, “Be careful! You must not go into the forest. Wild animals live in there. They may threaten you. Sometimes they would eat you.” But the mischievous lamb never listened. The lamb casually went into the forest and played there for a long time till it turned dark in the evening.

One day, as usual the lamb wandered far off into the forest. There he saw a spring. “I am thirsty. Let me drink some water,” he thought. He decided to take water from the spring for his thirsty. While the lamb was drinking water in the spring, a wolf watched from behind a tree.

“A lamb! My lucky day!” the wolf thought, approaching the lamb. The lamb was not aware of the wolf for some time. There was no one besides these two animals to save the lamb from the wolf.

“You know this forest belongs only to wild animals like me. Why have you come in here to take water from this spring?” asked the wolf.

The lamb knew that wolves were dangerous animals. “Mother has warned me about wolves. I am sure this fellow wants to eat me for his lunch. This fellow is ferocious. I must escape from this animal,” he thought.

The wolf continued, “You are also dirtying water. How will I drink this polluted water now?”

“But the spring flows from where you are standing down to where I am standing, Sir!” said the lamb, in a meek voice. The wolf was surprised to hear such an intelligent answer from the lamb. But the wolf was just looking for an excuse to kill the lamb. “How dare you argue with me? I think you are the same lamb who had abused me last year,” the wolf shouted.

“Last year? Bur Sir, I was not even born then!” the lamb squeaked. The lamb feared that the wolf was looking after a pretext to kill the lamb. The lamb became cautious of its words and gestures. This way both the lamb and the wolf talked to each other cautiously.

The lamb heard some woodcutters. They were coming the way in which the lamb and the wolf were standing. “”If I can keep talking to this wolf for a little while longer, the woodcutters will be here. They will chase him away,” thought the clever lamb. So, he said, “Mr. Wolf, you are right. I have dirtied the water. But, I did not mean to upset you.”

This way the lamb kept on talking for few more minutes. As the lamb spoke, the woodcutters arrived. They saw both the lamb and the wolf.

They caught the wolf and beat him before letting him go. The lamb was relieved to be safe. He ran back to his mother. He told her his mother what had happened in the forest with the wolf and the woodcutter. And then he promised his mother never to wander into the forest again.

This Short Story The Three Questions is quite interesting to all the people. Enjoy reading this story.

King John was the King of England. He did not like anyone else to look ricer than himself. The Abbot of Canterbury was rich. He was enjoying luxurious life. The King did not like the Abbot. He was in great anger. He sent his soldiers to bring the Abbot. The soldiers brought him before the King. The King asked, “Who is greater? The King or an Abbot? Then how bold of you to enjoy much better than the king? You are plotting to become the King of England. It is a crime. Therefore you must die.”

The Abbot was greatly frightened. He said very humbly. “Your Majesty, I have never used others’ money for my use. Is it a crime to spend my own money for my needs?”

“Yes,” replied the King. Then he added, “It is a crime to live grander than the King.”

The Abbot trembled in fear.

The King continued. “But I shall give you a chance to get pardon. Answer my three questions correctly to my satisfaction.”

Then he gave out the three questions.
1. Tell me how much I am worth.
2. How long will it take for me to go around the world?
3. What I am thinking now?

The Abbot listened. His confusion and fear increased rapidly. He could not speak. Finally he begged for time to answer. Three weeks were given. The Abbot left the palace in a dejected mood.

On the way, he went into Oxford University
and Cambridge University. He met great professors and learned men. He asked them for answers to these three questions. They were not able to find the suitable answers. He was returning home safely. On the way he met his shepherd boy.

The shepherd asked the Abbot, “Why are you looking so sad, my master?”

“My dear shepherd, the King has set three questions for me. I have to find answers to his satisfaction, or else die for plotting against the King. The questions are difficult. I have only three days more,” replied the Abbot.

The shepherd said, “My Lord, let me go in your place. I shall meet the King. I shall answer the three questions to his satisfaction.” Then he added, “People say I look very much like you. Therefore permit me to wear your dress. The king will not be able to find out.”

The Abbot agreed.

Immediately the shepherd put on the Abbot’s dress. He exactly looked like the Abbot. He then went to meet the King.

The King had not expected the Abbot so soon. He was not able to find the difference. He said, “I am happy, Abbot. You have kept your promises. Now are ready with the answers?”

The shepherd in the Abbot’s dress replied, “Yes, Your Majesty. I shall try to answer to the best of my ability.”

The King asked, “What am I worth? I am the King of England.”

“Your Majesty,” replied the shepherd, “according to the Bible, Jesus, the King of Heaven and Earth, was sold for thirty pence. Your worth must be one pence less. It should be twenty nine pence.”

The King had a sense of humor. He started laughing. After some time, he gave out second question. “How soon can I ride around the world?”

The shepherd said, “Your Majesty, you must rise with the Sun, ride with it the whole night. In this way, you will be able to go round the world in twenty four hours.”

Again the King had a merry laugh. Then he looks seriously at the shepherd. He said, “Tell me quickly. What am I thinking now?”

“Sire, you are thinking I am the Abbot. But I am not the Abbot. I am only his poor shepherd. I have come to ask pardon for the Abbot and for myself.” Then he quickly removed the Abbot’s dress. Now he looked like a shepherd. He knelt down before the King for pardon.

The King was not at all angry. He started laughing. And he laughed for a long time. Finally he said, “I am pleased with your intelligence. I shall make you the Abbot.”

But the shepherd said, “Your Majesty. I can not read and write. I can not become an Abbot.”

The King said, “Then you shall receive a pound a week as long as you live. Go home and tell the Abbot. I have forgiven him.” 

This Short Story The Stag and His Reflection is quite interesting to all the people. Enjoy reading this story.

There once lived a proud stag. While wandering in the forest, he came upon a pond. He stopped there to drink water in order to quench his thirst. As he bent down, he saw his own reflection in the water. “How beautiful are my antlers!” he thought, admiring its long curves.

As the stag was admiring his antlers, he suddenly noticed his legs. “Ohh! Look at my skinny legs. I cannot believe God has given me both beautiful antlers and such ugly legs,” he thought. The proud stag now felt ashamed of his legs. His pride vanished. “These ugly legs are no match for my beautiful antlers,” he thought.

Just then the stag heard the roar of a lion. When he turned around he saw a lion charging at him. “Oh no!,” screamed the stag and ran as fast as he could.

The stag felt the lion’s breath close to him, “I must get into the densest part of the forest where there are many branches. The lion will not be able to catch me in that part of the forest,” thought the stag.

So, with this thought in mind, the stag ran into an area where there were many bushes and branches. Soon the stag had left the lion far behind.

“Ah, I outsmarted the lion,” thought the stag proudly. But all of a sudden his antlers got entangled between the trunks of two trees standing close to each other. “Aaarghh!” cried the stag, as he had to stop at once.

The more he tried to free himself, the more difficult it became. As the stag was struggling to get free, the lion came nearer and nearer.

“How I praised my horns and cursed my legs. Now I know the real value of my legs which almost took me to safety,” wailed the stag.

The lion pounced on the stag and killed him. That was the end of the proud stag.  

his Short Story The Naughty Lamb is quite interesting to all the people. Enjoy reading this story.

Once upon a time, there was a huge forest with many tresses of all kinds. In that forest lives a mother goat and her little lamb. They were happily living in the forest. The lamb was very naughty. The mother goat found it difficult to manager her child, The Naughty Lamb.

The naughtiness of the lamb found no limits. This was the problem of the mother goat. The mother goat felt worried. Their home was near the edge of the forest. In that location, there were many wolves in that forest.

One day, The Naughty Lamb wandered into the forest. He enjoyed looking at the tall trees and lovely flowers. He suddenly realized that he lost his way. “Oh! My god! I have come far away from home. Mother will be angry with me,” he thought.

Out of little lamb’s sight, there was a wolf who was watching from behind a tree. “Yummy! That lamb is exactly what I want for my lunch today,” he thought, licking his lips in anticipation.

The wolf jumped in front of the lamb and, barring his sharp teeth, said, “A little fellow like you should not be getting into this dangerous forest. I am here going to eat you for my lunch today.”

The little tender lamb was terrified. He stood still for a moment, without knowing what to do. Then, he gained her courage, returned and ran as fast as he could. The wolf followed closely. The little lamb ran at her maximum speed, for a long time. The wolf followed.

Meanwhile, the mother goat not finding her child the little lamb at home was worried. “I hope he has not gone into the forest. I must go and look for him,” she thought.

Just as she was about to get into the dense forest, she saw the little lamb coming out of the dangerous forest. He was panting and there was a wolf chasing behind the little lamb. The mother goat using her long horns chased the cunning wolf away into the forest.

The mother goat ran behind the wolf for some distance into the forest and became assured that the wolf would not come again into the nearby areas of their home. After the mother goat came back to their home, it saw that the little lamb was shivering in fear. Mother goat took him inside their home and when he calmed the little one, said, “Now, I hope you have learnt a lesson that the forest is not the place for goats like us.” The little lamb just nodded. The little goat never went to the forest. After this incident, both the mother and her child goat lived happily for a long time. 
One day a dog stole a piece of meat from a mutton shop.

One his way to his place, he had to cross a bridge under which water was flowing in full stream.

Whe he was crossin the bridge, he saw his own image in the water.

He mistook it for another dog looking at it.

He thought that the image dog wanted the piece of meet too.

So, he started to bark at the image-dog.

The moment the dog opened his mouth to bark, the piece of meat fell into the water.

The moment the piece of meat fell into the water, the image disappeared.

The dog realized his mistake and became sad for his folloishness.

MORAL : Do not be greedy.
A lion once caught a mouse.

The mouse said, “Please do not eat me. Some day in the future, I will do you a favour.”

The realized that there was a touch of love in the statement of the mouse.

The lion let the mouse go.

One day, the lion got caught in a hunter’s net.

The mouse came along that way.

The lion saught the help of the mouse.

Immediately, the mouse chewed the ropes and let the lion’s loose.

MORAL : Always help others.

he Fox and The Grapes :

There was this fox who wanted to eat a bunch of grapes. He was always lured by the violet colour and round shape of them. All he could do was just look at them from a distance. The vineyard owners all had a tight fence around it. He could not nudge his way into any of the vineyards.

One day by luck he was able to enter into one of the lush vineyards. He started gazing at the grapes hanging down. He started to reach them. But in vain only. He tried hard. He jumped harder many times. But nothing happened. He could not reach the ripe grapes.

Finally the dejected fox went away lamenting, “Oh! After all grapes must be sour and tasteless.”

The Four Sons

There lived an old man in a village. He had four sons. In spite of all his efforts, the old man could not make his sons earn for their living. In addition, they were always fighting among themselves.

The old man thought of a plan. He called his sons and said, “Look my dear sons, in the barren land we have at the farmyard, there is a hidden treasure. If you should work together, you may find it.”

In a wish to find the treasure the four sons worked hard by digging and digging all through the land. They got frustrated and returned to their father.

“There is no treasure in the land. They complained to their father.

“Now that you have softened the land. Why should not you cultivate it?” was the reply of their father to their query.

Off went the sons. Soon the whole barren land was rich crops.

“This is the real treasure my sons” said the now proud father. Hard-work always is fruitful. The quarreling sons then on lived in harmony and became rich soon. 

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