Thursday, July 4, 2013

Narration for Practice

1. He said, “Good morning/good evening/good night, my friends!” (Wish)
2. He said, “Good bye, Emon!” (bade)
3. He said, “Thanks, my students.”
4. He said, “Congratulations, Lip!.”
5. He said, “Welcome, my friend.”
6. He said, “Yes, I will help you.”
7. He said, “Na, I will not support you.”
8. He said, “I wilt not forget you, brotherlsister/friendldarling.”
9. He said, “By Allah/God/Jove/my life, I did not hurt you.”
10. He said, “You are happy?”
11. He said, “Sir/Madam, I have some problems to solve.”
12. He said, “Will you take tea?” I replied, “No, I have already taken coffee.” Will you go out for a walk? “Yes.”
13. He said to me, “Sorry, I am busy now.”
14. He said, “Ok.”
15. He said, “All right.”
16. He said to me, “Where are you living now?” I said, “Dhanmondi.”
17. He said, “If I were a king!”
18. He said, “Who will deny the truth?”
19. He said, “What Is friendship but a name?”
20. He said, “You, liar.”
Answer (Narration)
1. He wished his friends good morning.
or, He wished good morning to his friends.
2. He bade Emon good bye.
3. He thanked his students.
4. He congratulated Lipi.
5. He welcomed his friend.
6. He promised that he would help me.
7. He denied that he would support me.
8. Addressing as brother he said that he would not forget me.
9. Swearing by Allah he said that he had not hurt me.
10. Being surprised he asked if he was happy.
11. He respectfully said that he had some problem to solve.
12. He asked me if I would take tea. I replied that I would not and said that I had already taken coffee. We again asked if I would go out for a walk. I again replied that I would not.
13. He told me that he was sorry and added that he was busy then.
14. He said that it was ok
or, He okayed it.
15. He said that it was all right.
16. He asked me where I was living then. I replied that I was living in Dhanmondi.
17. He wished that he was a king.
18. He said that nobody would deny the truth.
19. He said that friendship is nothing but a name.
20. He called me a lair.

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