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English Suggestion for HSC Exam-2014

English Paper-II for HSC Exam-2014
Question no. 1 to 8 (Grammar) :

  • All board 2009 to 2012 & All rules.
 Question no.  9 (Reports/Paragraphs) :
  • Reports :
  1. Unexpected fire on a garment factory.
  2. A terrible road accident.
  3. The rising price of essential commodities in the market.
  4. The cultural week of your college.
  5. Slum dwellers about their ways of life.
  6. The problem of Traffic jam/Load-shedding/drug addiction.
  7. About observation of Prize giving ceremony.
  8. A devastating flood/cyclone/sidr.
  • Paragraph :
  1. Our college Library.                                       6.    Load-Shedding.
  2. My favorite teacher.                                      7.    Tree Plantation.
  3. Aim in life.                                                          8.    Traffic Jam.
  4. Newspaper.                                                       9.    Computer
  5. Victory day/21st February/Independence day/A blood letter day.
  Question no.  10 (Short Compositions) :
  1. The wonder of modern science.              7.    Benefit of Reading Newspaper.
  2. Your Childhood Memories.                        8.    Unemployment Problem.
  3. A Journey by Train/Bus/Boat.                  9.    Your hobby.
  4. My First day at college.                                                10.  The dangers of Drug Addiction.
  5. Value of Time.                                                  11.  The common Rivers of Bangladesh.
  6. Student & Social Service.                            12.  Female Education in Bangladesh.
  Question no.  11 (Application) :
  1. English Debating Club/English Speaking Club/Computer Club.
  2. Study tour.                                                                         6.    Stage a drama.
  3. A seat in the college hostel.                                         7.    To change an elective subject.
  4. Increasing facilities for the college Common room.      8.    Job Application.
  5. TC/Poor fund.                                                                  9.    Sinking a deep tube-well.
  Question no.  12 (Dialogue) :
  1. Choice of Career.                                                             7.    Tree plantation.
  2. Preparation for ensuring/coming Exam.             8.    Patient and doctor.
  3. Book-seller.                                                                       9.    Visiting book fair.
  4. Failure in English and Solution to the Problem.            10.  Interesting novel/book.
  5. Frequent road accident.
  6. Good and bad side of Mobile Phone/Internet/TV/Computer.
  Question no.  13 (Completing Story) :
  1. Sheikh Sadie.                                                     7.    Unity is strength/A farmer and his sons.
  2. Happy Cobbler.                                                8.    Two Friends were Passing.
  3. Robert Bruce.                                                   9.    A dog stole a piece of meat.
  4. A Hare and Tortoise.                                      10.  A crow and a hungry fox.
  5. Nobody believes a Liar.                                11.  An honest Woodcutter.
  6. Goose and a Golden egg.


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2014 english 2 part hsc questions
2014 english 2 part hsc questions

moshiur rahaman said...

2014 english 2 part hsc questions

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