Sunday, July 21, 2013

English 2nd Paper suggestion

Rotary School & College

Suggestion for SSC Examination- 2014

                                                 English Second Paper      
Part-B: Grammar:
Students are highly suggested to follow the previous board questions (2007-2013) and Test Question from all government schools from Test paper.
Part B: Writing
1.      National flag
2.      A Book Fair
3.      A winter Morning
4.      Tree Plantation
5.       Mobile Phone
6.      A Farmer
7.      Morning Walk
8.      A Street Accident
9.      A Tea Stall’
10. An Ideal Student
1.      Computer in everyday life/Science in everyday life
2.      Tree Plantation.
3.      Your favorite Hobby
4.      Importance of reading newspaper/physical Exercise
5.      The season you like best
6.      Discipline
7.      A village Market
8.      The duties of a student
9.      Population problem in Bangladesh
10. The Game of Cricket in Bangladesh

1.      to set up a computer club
2.      for a seat in the school hostel.
3.      for increasing common room facilities.
4.      for setting up a canteen/debate club.
5.      for a T.C.
6.      for a full free studentship.
7. for relief goods & medical aids.
8. to construct/repair a bridge.
9. for setting up a literary
   club/ language.
10. For a Testimonial

A dialogue  about---     
1.       future plan       
2.      between you &  doctor
3.      between you &  salesman          
4.      to open a bank account 
5.      Tree Plantation/ illiteracy
6.      reading newspaper /Early rising.
7.      village life & city life              
8.       ensuing examination
9.      bad effects of smoking/Load Shedding.
10.  a Transfer Certificate

Completing Story:
1.      The Wolf and the crane.
2.      A liar shepherd
3.      Bayazid
4.      Robert Bruce and the Spider
5.      A Thirsty Crow
6.      The Lion and the Mouse.
7.      Two friends and the bear
8.      The fox and the grapes
9.      The hare and the tortoise
10. Unity is Strength
11. Two cats and a monkey
S.M.Ahsan Habib
Senior Teacher (English)
Rotary School & College.

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