Thursday, July 4, 2013


Man works for others to earn his livelihood. Except his working hours he has some time in hand. We call it leisure or spare-time. Leisure is the most important time in the human life. Because during his working hours, man does only the routine work. Bt great thoughts, great literary works, great theories and great inventions are the outcome of man's leisure. Newton discovered the law of gravitation when he enjoyed his leisure in the garden. Stephenson invented the steam-engine during his leisure hours.
Misuse of leisure:
Many people misuse or wrongly use their leisure. They do not do any useful thing during their spare-time. They keep idle all the time. But the idle mind is the devil's workshop. Many vices breed in the man's idleness. So, everybody should know how to make the best use of the leisure.
The best use of leisure:
Work is the best guard of man. If a man engages himself in a useful work, he cannot find time to make any mischief. He cannot find time to think evil thoughts. So,  man should keep himself engaged in some useful work during his leisure. Man can do his innocent hobbies during his leisure. Man cannot do the work after his heart, when he works for others to make an earning. So, during his leisure, He does his favorite work. The work is called hobby. Some people do these hobbies whenever they find a little leisure. Some people compose poems. Some people draw pictures. Some people read light readers. some people collect stamps. Some people write letters to their pen-friends. Some people solve the puzzles and so on. All these are called hobbies. So, people can engage themselves in some kind of innocent hobby.
Students get much leisure in their school days and in their holidays. They should try to develop their natural abilities during the leisure. This will make them great in their future life.

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