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English Suggestion for JSC Examination-2013

 Exclusive Suggestion for Junior School Certificate Examination -2013
English Paper-I&II

Unseen Comprehension
mvnvh¨Kvix Lesson
evsjv‡`‡ki mvs¯‹…wZK AwaKvix †Mvôx,A_ev evsjv‡`‡ki †h‡Kvb DcRvvwZ,msL¨vjNy‡`i †K›`ª K‡i, Gi RbwcÖqZv BZ¨vw`i eY©bv w`‡q GKwU cwiwPwZ Aby‡”Q`  Avm‡Z cv‡i|
Unit-7 Lesson-3,4
Avgv‡`i HwZ‡Z¨i GKwU Ab¨Zg Ask bKwkKv_vui cwiPq,Gi BwZnvm,Kviv G¸‡jv ‰Zwi K‡i,Gi RbwcÖqZv BZ¨vw`i eY©bv w`‡q GKwU Aby‡”Q` n‡Z cv‡i|
Unit-6 Lesson-2(B)
‰`bw›`b Rxe‡b cwi¯‹vi-cwi”Qbœ _vKvi ¸iZ¡,Dcvq I DcKvwiZv m¤úwK©Z GKwU Aby‡”Q` Avm‡Z cv‡i|
Unit-3  Lesson-3
KvM‡Ri BwZnvm,e¨envi,cÖ‡qvRbxqZv Ges cÖvK KvMRhy‡Mi gvbyl Kxfv‡e Zv‡`i Z_¨ msi¶Y KiZ Zvi eb©bv w`‡q GKwU Aby‡”Q` Avm‡Z cv‡i|
Unit-9  Lesson-6
Avgv‡`i †`‡ki bvix‡`i Ae¯’vb,Ki“b cwibwZ I Zv‡`i AMÖMwZ m¤úwK©Z GKwU Aby‡”Q` Avm‡Z cv‡i|
Unit-5  Lesson-3
we‡`k åg‡bi †h‡Kv‡bv AwfÁZvi Av‡jv‡K GKwU Aby‡”Q` Avm‡Z cv‡i|
Unit-1   Lesson-3
GKwU Avš—©RvwZK wegvb e›`‡ii wewfbœ welqe¯‘i eY©bv w`‡q GKwU Aby‡”Q` Avm‡Z cv‡i|
Unit-1  Lesson-7
Awfav‡bi ¸iZ¡,Kxfv‡e GKRb wk¶v_©x Awfavb e¨envi K‡i Zvi Kvw•LZ kãwUi A_© D”PviY I e¨envi Ly‡Ru cv‡e Zvi eY©bv w`‡q GKwU Aby‡”Q` Avm‡Z cv‡i|
Unit-4   Lesson-3
MYgva¨‡gi msÁv,msev`cÖPv‡ii aiY,G‡`i Kvh©cÖYvjx,Kv‡Ri ˆewkómg~‡ni Z_¨msewjZ GKwU Aby‡”Q` Avm‡Z cv‡i|
Unit-8   Lesson-2
a~gcv‡bi Kzdj,KviY,cwiYwZ BZ¨vw`i eY©bv w`‡q GKwU Aby‡”Q` Avm‡Z cv‡i|
Unit-3   Lesson-5
we‡k¦i `ª“ZMwZ m¤úbœ †ijMvwoi wewfbœ Z_¨ w`‡q GKwU Aby‡”Q` Avm‡Z cv‡i|
Unit-9   Lesson-3
Avgv‡`i ˆ`bw›`b Lvev‡i mylg Lv‡`¨i cÖ‡qvRbxqZv wb‡q GKwU  Aby‡”Q` Avm‡Z cv‡i|
GKRb msMÖvgx bvixi Rxebx wb‡q GKwU Aby‡”Q` Avm‡Z cv‡i|
Unit-5   Lesson-1,2
GKRb e„¶‡cwg‡Ki Rxebx wb‡q GKwU Aby‡”Q` Avm‡Z cv‡i|
Unit-9   Lesson-4
GKRb ¶z‡` Kw¤úDUvi we‡klÁ Gi Rxebx wb‡q GKwU Aby‡”Q` Avm‡Z cv‡i|

Informal Letter/E-mail :
1. congratulating on brilliant success
2. about your native country/mother land
3.about the importance of reading
4.describing a picnic/a study tour/your
5.about the annual prize giving ceremony your friend thanking for sending a
    wonderful birthday gift
7. to your friend inviting to attend your
    birthday party
8.about your aim in life
9.about how to improve English/ describing the    
    importance of learning English
10.about a street accident that you have witnessed
11. inviting to join a picnic
12. describing the importance of physical exercise

1.Computer in everyday Life
2.Science in everyday life
3.Your daily life
5.Physical Exercise
6.Importance of reading Newspaper
7.Tree Plantation/Importance of tree plantation
8.Student Life/The duties of Student
9.Your favourite Hobby
10.A Journey by Train

Paragraph :
  1. A Rainy Day
  2. Load Shedding
  3. Traffic Jam
  4. A Winter Morning
  5. A tea Stall
  6. A Book Fair
  7. National Flag
  8. A School Library
  9. A School Magazine
  1. Good Food
  2. Hygiene
  3. Nakshi Kantha
  4. River gypsies in Bangladesh
  5. Folk Song
  6. Using a dictionary
  7. Physical Exercise
  8. Good Health
Story :
  1. Unity is strength
  2. The lion and the Mouse
  3. Slow and steady wins the race
  4. Two friends and a bear
  5. Robert Bruce and the spider

  1. Two cats and a Monkey
  2. A Greedy Farmer
  3. Bayzid and his mother
  4. A liar cowboy/A Liar Shepherd
  5. A Fox without a Tail

Formal Application/Email:
1.      For permission to arrange a study tour/a picnic
2.      for setting up a canteen/common room/Computer club/ literary club/English language club/debating club
3.      for a full free studentship/help from the poor fund./half holiday/to witness a cricket match.
4.      for a seat in the school hostel/or a Transfer certificate/leave of absence/admission or readmission into a school.
5.      to the DC/UNO/TNO/UC to construct a bridge/damage road/sinking a tube well/for the relief of the flood affected people

 1.about the preparation of JSC
 2.benefits of reading newspaper
 3.importance of learning English
 4.benefits of physical exercise
 5.importance of tree plantation
6.A dialogue between a doctor and a patient
7.You and a book seller about buying a book
8.two friends/father and son on choice of career/aim in Life
9.two friends about load-shedding
10. two friends on benefits of early rising

S.M.Ahsan Habib
Senior Teacher (English)
Rotary School & College, Mirpur-14, Dhaka-1206
If more information,Visit:www.englishgrammarpower

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