Friday, August 19, 2016

Short Story Solomon’s wisdom

Solomon’s wisdom
King Solomon was renowned for his wisdom. He was a man of great intelligence (eyw×gËv). His name and fame spread all over the world. The Queen of Sheba also heard about him. So, she wanted to test his wisdom.The Queen came to the court of Solomon and she brought with her two garlands of flowers- one natural and the other artificial. She placed them before the king and told him to take the natural one. Solomon was puzzled for a time. Suddenly a thought came to his mind and he told his one servant to open the window. After opening the window some bees came in from his garden and settled on the natural flowers. King Solomon told his men to open the window. Then the bees came in and sat on the garlands of real flowers. The King then pointed to that garland. The Queen of Sheba was greatly charmed (gy», AvK„ó Kiv) at his wisdom and went admiring the king’s wisdom.


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