Friday, August 19, 2016

A Rainy Day

A Rainy Day
(GKwU el©bgyLi w`b)

Gm,Gg,Avnmvb nvexeA rainy day is a day when it rains ceaselessly (mxm‡jmjx-weiZnxbfv‡e) all day long during (wWDAvwiO-e¨vcx) the rainy season. It is called (KjW-ejv n‡q _v‡K) a drizzling (wWªRjxO-Mywo¸wo) day. The sky is overcastted (IDfvKv:mUxW-‡gNv”Qbœ) with patches of black clouds (c¨v‡Pm Ad eøvK K¬vDWm-LÛLÛ Kv‡jv †gN) and the sun remains (wi‡gBbm-_v‡K) hidden (wn‡Wb-jywK‡q) behind (wenvnbW-wcQ‡b ) them. The weather (IG`v(i)-AvenvIqv) is foul (dvDj-we¯^v`).The sun is not seen. Sometimes (mvgUvngR-KL‡bv KL‡bv), gusty wind (MvmwU DBbW-S‡ov evZvm) blows (‡eøŠR-cÖevwnZ nq) with rain. Rivers, canals and tanks swell up. Roads and paths get muddy and slippery (w¯øcvwi-wcw”Qj). Water stands here and there. Normal life (‡bvgj jvBd-¯^vfvweK Rxeb) is disrupted (wWmivcwUW-e¨nZ nq) due to heavy rain. One does not generally (‡Rbivwj-mvaviYZ/mPivPi) come out without compulsion (Kvgcvjkvb-eva¨evaKZv). The common people cannot attend (Av‡UBbW-Dcw¯’Z nq bv) their respective places (‡im‡c±wUf †cøB‡mm-¯^¯^ ¯’vbmg~n) in time. If anybody wants to go outside, he has to take an umbrella with him. The poor and the day laborers (‡jBevim-w`bgRywiiv) do not like a rainy day. They cannot go out to earn their living (wjwfs-RxweKv). Their sufferings (mvdvwiOm-Kómg~n) know no bounds (‡bŠ †bv evDbWm-mxgv _v‡K bv). They go on starving (÷vwfs-bv †L‡q _v‡K). A rainy day is most welcomed (I‡qjKvgW-¯^vMZ) to the students, as they have no classes in the school. A rainy day brings (weªwism-wb‡q Av‡m) joyous mood (RqAvm gyW-Avb›` gyû©Z) to the young boys of the same age and they are seen to bathe (‡eB`-‡Mvmj Kiv) in rainwater with merriment (‡gwi‡gbU-Avb›`). People pass the day in listening to music, watching videocassettes, reading novels. Those who have imaginary bent (BgvwRbvwi †ebU-KvíwbK `ÿZv/B”Qv) of mind enjoy (BbRB-Avb›` K‡i) the beauty of nature (w` weDwU Ad b¨vPvi-cªvK…wZK †mŠ›`h©) being drenched in rains (‡WªbPW Bb †iBbm-e„wó‡Z wm³ K‡i). The cloudy sky ((K¬vDwW ¯‹vB-‡gNjv AvKvk) lets loose (jym-gy³ K‡i) their emotions (B ‡gŠkbm-Av‡eMmg~n/Abyf~wZmg~n). A rainy day has good effect (B‡dKU-cÖfve) on the soil. It helps (‡njcm-mvnvh¨ K‡i) plants grow (cøvbUm †MŠ-MvQcvjv R‡b¥), flowers bloom (eøyg-‡dv‡U) and nature looks fresh (‡d«k-SiS‡i/ZiZvRv) and beautiful. However (nvDBfvi-hvB‡nvK), a rainy day is welcomed (I‡qjKvgW-¯^vMZg) after the baking (‡eBwKs-Sjmv‡bv) heat of summer (wnU Ad mvgvi-MÖx‡¯§i Mi‡gi ci).

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