Friday, August 19, 2016

My First Day at School


Or, Memorable Day of My Life

Or, A Memorable Event of Your Life

First day at school is a day of great importance to everybody.Life is made up of events and experiences. But all of these are not equally important and memorable. Some of these are pleasant and they remain evergreen in great. My first day at school is such an event.

A school is place of learning for a child. It is a training ground for him.
He prepares himself for the stage of life. 
One day my father gave me the good news When my parents declared the news of my schooling. I became very much excited and started leaping and dancing in great joy. Then the expected day came.
It was 2001 when I went to the school for the first time. My mother washed me well. I put on new clothes. 
At that time I was six years old. I went to school with my father on foot. After 20 minutes we reached out school gate.
I was charmed to see the buildings, students and others of the school. After some times my father took me to the headmaster’s room. My heart beat was getting fast. But his smiling face and gentle words put me at ease. 
He asked me my name and some questions. I could answer all of them. The headmaster pleased with my response. I was admitted to class I.Then I was sent to the classroom.
When I entered into the class everyone looked at me with great interest. My class teacher introduced to my classmates. They welcomed me with a smiling face.

One of them invited me to sit beside him.I felt very happy. I made a few friends. Everything became all right.
Different teachers came in different periods . We all stood up to show them respect. Our teachers spoke in a polite manner.All of them were very good and kind.

I had four other periods all together with a break of 30 minutes. I found that all my teachers were careful, friendly and helpful.
In the tiffien period I ate the tiffin.
The school broke up at 2 pm. I left the school with a cheerful mind. A new place is a new experience. So my first day at school is a new experience in my life. I will remember the day as long as I live.

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