Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The uses and Abuses of Mobile Phone

                              The uses and Abuses of Mobile Phone      
Mobile phone is one of the most wonderful creations of modern technology. As the present world is moving fast with rat-race rapidity, mobile phone has added another singular dimension to the civic amenities of life.

With the rapid advancement of Information and communication Technology (ICT), mobile phone comes to our help in many ways. We can easily communicate with the desired persons in a few seconds. It also expedites our spirits in action .Mobile phone is becoming common place rapidly in both rural and urban areas in Bangladesh. The users can easily contact their near dear ones living in any corner of the country or in the world. It is cheaper for communication because of the healthy competition among the mobile phone operators in the country. Business transactions, distance education and some important work are done using the mobile phone nowadays. So, the importance of mobile phone in the present day is undeniable.

 But there are some drawbacks also for the easy availability of mobile phone. Students have a tendency of using cell phones rather than attending to their regular academic studies. It is harming their future career.

Criminals and miscreants can also perpetuate their misdeeds easily by using cell phone. Unnecessary calls including prank calls that disturb the call receivers. Young boys and girls are the main victims of mobile phone usage. They rather forget of studying when phones are with them. A question thus arises whether mobile phone is a boon or a bane?
Students are heading toward a difficult time at this moment. Overnight talks over phone tell upon the physical fitness of the students. Changes are also marked in their behavior. Metropolitan students are ahead of other students outside the city bin term of using cell phone.

A stipulated formula must be brought under consideration to contain the academic bane of cellular phone.

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