Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Dowry system

Bad effects of dowry System

Dowry is the large amount of money or property that the bridegroom or her family demands to the bride family during the marriage ceremony. Dowry system is a heinous malpractice which the people of our county have been nourishing for long years. That’s why; it is called the curse in our society. In ancient time it was the custom to the society. But at present dowry is the social curse for our society. Poverty is the main cause of dowry. It is ignorance or greed which makes the bridegroom shameless to demand money from the bride’s party at the time. Of marriage, however, it is not the only reason of dowry system. Because it is prevalent in solvent families as well. In our scion- economic structure dowry is given and taken as a penalty to the bird’s party. Moreover, the greed of the bridegroom for getting illegal money is the vital cause of dowry. Dowry system gives birth to various problems in the society. It has created so many bad effects. The wives are often tortured and beaten even to death for not giving dowry. I think dowry system is very disgraceful for the society and for the humanity. For eliminating dowry system the government should enhance applying the rules strictly. The bride, bridegroom or any other person involved in taking or giving dowry should be punished and boycotted by the society.

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