Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Uses & Abuses of Satellite Television

                                     The Uses & Abuses of Satellite Television     

Television has become the most popular and widespread source of entertainment all over the world. Television is the means of watching programs live from a distance. Thus selling in our bedroom or drawing room we can see the happenings that have been going on anywhere in the world. Satellite television has a new dimension in television telecasting. Programs of varied taste and interest are shown in the satellite channels. Some programs are informative and educative and some are harmful and obscene. So, programs of satellite television channels have not only uses but also abuses .Let we find out the uses and abuses of satellite television in the following paragraphs.

There are some news channels of the satellite television. BBC, CNN, ZEE NEWS etc. Telecast news and views round the clock. We can know the happenings live from the spots through these channels. Thus these channels help us a lot in providing current affairs of the world.

Television also telecast educative programs. Channels like discovery, the national geographic channel, BTV, Door dirham, national etc. Telecast highly informative programs on various subjects. Satellite channels are also used for distance learning.

The main use of satellite television is entertainment. When we become tired of our work, we want to relax. At this time television programs refresh us by telecasting songs, drama serials, movies, etc. Satellite channels have become an addiction to many. People specially the students sit in front of the TV set and spend hour after hour. This hampers their normal work schedule.

For sitting too long before the TV set, the eyesight of the viewers is affected. So, there is eyestrain and many people lose their eyesight at a premature age. Sometimes, satellite channels telecast some programmers with indecent costume. So, it is often hesitating to watch the TV programmers with all the members of the family.

The most dangerous thing about the satellite TV is the cultural intrusion culture of one country enters into another culture and pollute one’s own culture. Cultural invasion is more dangerous than the political invasion. Satellite channels of the developed countries are influencing the culture of the poor countries.

However, the satellite channels are more entertaining than the national channels. We should not pick up the bad things. We should derive the educative lessons. We must discover the programmers that suit our taste and culture.


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