Sunday, January 12, 2014

Importance of Reading Newspaper

A Paper that carries news is called a newspaper. It brings the whole world to our home. It is a mirror of the world. It gives us news of day to day happenings of the different parts of the world.  
We cannot think of modern life without the newspaper. Man is curious by nature. He wants to know about various events of the world. The newspaper is the best medium to satisfy this curiosity.
Newspaper is very useful to all sections of people. It tells us what is happening at home and abroad. A newspaper is a store house of knowledge and information.

It brings the world at our drawing room. All sections of people such as Students, Lawyers, Politicians, Traders, and Sportsman etc are always in need of newspapers.
It is the newspaper which comes to our door carrying many aspects of life of home and abroad. One cannot think of a day without a newspaper.
A politician reads newspaper to know the political matters of his country and the world at large. So a newspaper is a part and parcel of his daily life.
A businessman reads newspaper to know the price of various items of commodities at home and abroad. It also tells him about the banking activities.
The sport loving people get the news of sports in the newspaper. A newspaper is a great source of entertainment. It flashes news on films, TV dramas.
We get articles of intellectuals, philosopher, politicians and free-thinkers. It is a great treasure for us. It encourages us to stand together in times of disasters.
It discloses corruption, brivery, irregularities of high officials. It acts as a source of public opinion.
A newspaper advises the government in its various functions. It makes the governments means of solving them.
The employment seekers get useful information in it. It is for all these reasons newspapers are a great concern to all.
Newspaper is also the best medium of advertisement. Business men bring their products and goods to the notice of a wide circle of people through it.
People also express their opinions through newspapers.It is the means of communications between the government and the people.
Through it we can learn about all important things what happen in the world within twenty four hours.
Newspaper has an educative value. Mere bookish knowledge is not sufficient in this completive world.
A man who does not read newspapers is like a frog in a narrow well. Being ignorant of the current affairs, he can’t take part in the talks and discussions in an enlightened society and thus he feels like a fish out of water.

In spite of its defects newspaper is the most useful thing in modern life. We cannot think of a day without it. It is a looking glass of the modern world. So we should read Newspaper regularly.

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