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Importance of planting more Trees. /Tree Plantation

Importance of planting more Trees. /Tree Plantation

Tree plantation means planting more and more trees. It is essential for the environmental balance. They are our great friends. Trees are important (BgciU¨v›U) for our existence (GMwRm‡bbm) on earth. Trees give us oxygen. So we should plant more and more trees every year.


We need oxygen for living. Trees provide(‡cÖfvBW) us with oxygen. Trees cause rainfall and thus prevent(wcÖ‡f›U) the spread(‡¯cÖW) of desert(‡WRvU©). Trees give us shade(‡mW) and shelter(‡mëvi).

Trees give us food.We get the crops and different delicious and juicy fruits from trees. We also get many products like wood, leaves, rubber, honey etc.

We get medicine, wood, oil etc from trees. Trees save us from flood and natural calamities.(cÖvK…wZK `y‡©hvM).It saves the world from turning into desert.


The rainy season is the best time for the planting of trees. We can plant trees around our house, office buildings, factories, schools, colleges and hospitals. We should also plant trees on either side of the roads.

Fruit-bearing trees provide us with many types of fruits. Herbal(Jlwa) trees are useful for treating diseases.We get vitamins from the fruits of trees. They give us shade and reduce(jvNe) our tiredness.
Sufficient trees cause rainfall and prevent draught. Trees prevent erosion(¶q) and tidal bore. They give us fire woods as fuel(R¡vjvbx) for cooking.
They are used as timber for making eye-catering furniture. They are even used for railway slippers and they produce rubber too.
Trees are the most important gift of nature. They have made friendship with our life. So, they are our best friend. They play an important role in our life and economy.

Proper steps should be taken to make the consciousness among the people about the importance of tree plantation. Tree plantation programme should be expanded to the remote corner of the country. The officers connected with this programme should take proper steps to make the people interested in planting trees.

Trees bear a great impact on the climate. If we destroy trees at random, one day our country will turn into a great desert. As a result, the country will face a great crisis because our country depends on agriculture.

However, we should plant more and more trees. Trees are part and parcel in our day to day life. We can not think of our existence without them. The more we plant trees, the more we do good for us.
Trees are part and parcel of our life. The necessity of trees and the importance of tree plantation cannot be ignored in any way. So it is our bounded duty to plant trees and take care of them.

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