Sunday, January 12, 2014

Duties of a Student

Student Life/Duties of a student
Student life is a period spent in educational institutions. It is the most important period in our life. It is the time of building one’s future. The future of a student depends on his student life. So it has a great importance.

Student life is the sowing season in life. A man harvests what he sows in his student life. He should make the proper use of every minute or he has to suffer in the long run.

Study is the first and foremost duty of a student. He has to acquire more and more knowledge. He must succeed through hard study.

A student should widen his outlook. He has to read newspapers, novels, poetry, dramas and so on.

A student should be conscious of health. He should take regular exercise. He should keep body and mind sound. Sound mind helps him to continue his study regularly.
Students should serve their parents in all possible ways. They should be respectful to their superiors. They should abide by the advice of their parents and superiors.
A student should build his character. He should be truthful. He must be obedient to his parents. He should be modest and gentle. He must have the qualities like sincerity, honesty, and punctuality, courtesy and so on.

A student should work to remove illiteracy. He should make everyone understand about the importance of education. He should encourage people to send their children to school.

A student should make the illiterate people aware of environment pollution, dowry, early marriage, deforestation and so on.

A student should come forward to help the farmers. He should teach them how to get bumper crops. He should also encourage people to plant tree more and more.

He should be kind and benevolent to the helpless people. A student should not keep bad company. He should mix with good ones.               
Student life is a life of learning. Student life is a care free life. It is a life of joy. This life is free from almost all anxieties of the world. At this time, our main work is to read and play.
Character is very important in life. A good man is loved and respected by all. So a student should try to become a good man in future life. He must be truthful, honest and active.
A student can think the society. He can take part in social service. He can teach the illiterate. He can help the poor.      
A student can pass their time happily. They can take part in games and sports. Sometimes, they can go on picnic or educational trips.  
Student life is the happiest period of our life. The success of future life depends on student life. So every student should use the time properly.

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