Monday, July 7, 2014

Paragraph on Morning Walk

Morning Walk
Morning walk means walking in the morning. It is a good habit and beneficial to health. It is a kind of physical exercise. A life can not be happy, decent, comfortable and successful without morning walk. A morning is suitable for all. There are many benefits of morning walk. It keeps our body and mind sound. It creates the body strong and active. It helps proper blood circulation and digestion. Morning air is fresh and full of oxygen and this air refreshes our body and mind. One who walks in the morning can enjoy the beauty of nature, the smell of flowers and the chirping sound of binds. Therefore, those who get up early in the morning and walk in the morning get the real benefit of it. Walking at morning is very useful to health. Its makes a man to cheerful, strong and healthy. It removes the monotony of the routine work life. A man walking at morning regularly leads a happy and healthy. He\She is successful in every work. So in order to make life successful and fruitful one should cultivate this good habit from early life.

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