Monday, July 7, 2014

paragraph on Drought

Drought can be defined as lack or shortage of water for an unusually long period. Drought occurs when there no rain for a long period of time. In a drought plants do not grow properly and the water supply to homes and to industry is limited. As streams and rivers dry up, plants and animals die. In areas where trees have been cut down, hot winds blow away the dry topsoil. If a drought lasts a long time, people may also die of starvation and the land may become desert. When waterways dry up wildlife has no drinking water. Fish and other animals that live in streams, rivers and dams will die when the waterways dry up. People suffer from scarcity of water. The green beauty of trees and plants fades away. The farmers look up into the sky for a drop of water. Crops cannot thrive in the droughty conditions. So famine breaks out. The area is sized with fateful state of famine. People die in number and their animals too. Only planting trees may help stop the soil being blown away in times of drought.

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