Monday, July 7, 2014

Dialogue for PEC Examination

Read the following situation. Make a request dialogue and response. Use would or could.
You want your teacher to tell you a ghost story.
Myself       :Teacher, could you tell us a ghost story?
Teacher    :Why not? I am telling.
Myself      :Would the ghost are always ugly?
Teacher   :We think so.
Myself     : Sir, we want to listen a ghost story.
Teacher   : Sure, What type of story will you like to listen to?
Myself     : Any type of stories from your mouth but I like the stories of ghosts. Would you
                   tell us ghost stories?
Teacher   : Yes, Of course. But are you not afraid of ghosts?
Myself     : Yes, I am, but the ghost stories are thrilling and enjoyable. Could you tell us how
                  a ghost looks?
Teacher   : A ghost is nothing but fear within human mind.
Myself     :Would you explain it?
Teacher  :Actually, It is a imaginative creature. 
Myself     : Could you tell me how I can know more about the ghost?
Teacher  :It peeps in human mind when he remains alone at night.
Myself     :Could I know your opinion on the ghost?
Teacher  :It can not do any harm to human beings.
Myself     :What would you say to have your reaction about the ghost?
Teacher  :People thinks that it frightens us at late night
Myself     :I wonder if you could give me a book on  ghost.
Teacher  : Yes, you can take a book of ghost.
Myself     :Could I ask you to know more information about the ghost?
Teacher  :of course.
Myself   :Thank you for your curiosity about ghost.

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