Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Paragraph Globalization


Globalisation means the process of expending trade and commerce all over the world taking the advantage of borderless market. It has created an integrated global economy which influences every country of the world developed and undeveloped. Critics and economists say that in the race of globalization developing countries can not be a match to the developed and capitalist countries. It has been found that most of the advantages of globalization goes to the capitalist countries. The poor and developing countries are not only supplying a pool of cheap labour to the benefit of the industrialist countries. However, there are at least one benefit for the developing countries which is to provide the poor people with employment as labours in mills and factories run by foreign investors. Globalisation has offered employment opportunity for the developing countries. Besides, they can draw more foreign investment if they can ensure good governance and proper infrastructure. However globalization was initiated in the subcontinent to accelerate economic growth and a competitive atmosphere for industrial development. We are looking for what good globalization can do for us in the future.  

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