Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Necessity of Sports


Sports are a popular form of entertainment. Many international sporting events are organized from time to time. Most of these events are sponsored by multinational manufacturing companies and business firms. They pay for the sports events in exchange for the right to advertise their products during those events. These events are telecast worldwide by satellite and people all over the world watch them live. As a result, the sponsors’ products receive maximum media coverage thus giving companies international recognition. This is only the commercial aspect of international sport but there are other aspects too. The sports venue becomes a meeting place of people from different countries. When people of different nations get together on the occasion so an international sporting event, they come closer to each other, sharing views, opinions and friendship. This opportunity creates a sense of brotherhood and a spirit of mutual co-operation among them. Moreover, getting acquainted with different cultures helps to break down prejudice and broaden outlook. If globalization has anything to do with the development of international relationship, then sports can certainly contribute in a big way to this,

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