Monday, September 3, 2012

Model Test:Eng-1st Paper

Mr. Grasshopper didn’t like to work during the lovely hot summer days. ‘It’s not really necessary,’ he told Mr. Ant. ‘Why do you work so hard when there’s plenty of food to eat?’ Mr. Grasshopper asked him. ‘There is plenty of food now,’ agreed Mr. Ant. ‘But what about the future?’
‘Oh, the future!’ exclaimed Mr. Grasshopper. ‘Why do you care about the future, Mr. Ant? It really doesn’t exit! Only the present exists!’ Mr. Grasshopper laughed. Then he started to sing a song. Mr. Grasshopper sang very well and Mr. Ant stood and listened to him.
‘Would you like to sing a song with me?’ Mr. Grasshopper asked Mr. Ant. ‘Oh, thank you,’ replied Mr. Ant politely. ‘But I’m afraid. I don’t know it. What’s it called?’ ‘Well, really it’s a poem,’ exclaimed Mr. Grasshopper. ‘It’s called Leisure, and it’s my favorite, because I’m very fond of leisure,’ Mr. Grasshopper laughed loudly.
‘But I do work sometimes, you know, Mr. Ant’, continued Mr. Grasshopper more seriously. ‘Guess, who wrote the music!’ ‘Would you like me to tell you?’ ‘Yes’, I would,’ replied Mr. Ant. ‘Was it written by someone famous?’ ‘Yes, that’s right,’ laughed Mr. Grasshopper. ‘It was written by me! And now I’ll sing it to you again!’

1. Choose the best answer from the alternatives.

(a) Mr. Grasshopper was unwilling to work because —.
(i) the sun was very hot (ii) food was found in plenty (iii) he was very busy
(iv) Mr. Ant provided him with food
(b) Mr. Ant thought about —.
(i) present (ii) future
(iii) nothing (iv) Mr. Grasshopper
(c) Mr. Grasshopper wants to enjoy —.
(i) summer (ii) nothing
(iii) food (iv) leisure
(d) The song was sung —.
(i) twice (ii) once (iii) thrice (iv) only one
(e) The music was written by —.
(i) famous someone (ii) Mr. Ant
(iii) Mr. Grasshopper (iv) Mr. Fox
(f) Mr. Grasshopper did not like to work because —.
(i) the summer was terribly hot
(ii) he was unwilling to toil
(iii) he was rich (iv) he was busy
(g) This passage depicts the character of — persons.
(i) same (ii) different (iii) toiling (iv) lazy
(h) Who is the story-teller?
(i) Mrs. Amin (ii) Mrs. Ayesha Amin
(iii). Mr. Grasshopper (iv) Mr. Ant
(i) Who composed the poem?
(i) Mrs. Amin (ii) Mrs. Ayesha Amin
(iii) Mr. Grasshopper (iv) Mr. Ant
(j) Mr. Grasshopper was — to work.
(i) unwilling (ii) willing
(iii) keen (iv) caring
(k) Mr. Ant was —.
(i) chivalrous (ii) rude
(iii) aggressive (iv) rough
(l) Mr. Grasshopper was in a — mood.
(i) pensive (ii) jolly (iii) sad (iv) grave
(m) Mr. Grasshopper was the — of the song.
(i) composer (ii) singer
(iii) both i and ii (iv) nothing.

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