Tuesday, September 3, 2013

paragraph for JSC Exam

01. Write a paragraph about 'A Rickshaw Puller' by answering the following questions. a) Who is a rickshaw puller? b) How does he lead his family? c) How long does he work? d) How does he maintain his family? e) How much does he earn everyday? f) How can we evaluate them?
A Rickshaw Puller Rickshaw is a common vehicle in Bangladesh. It is paddled by human being. One who pulls a rickshaw is a rickshaw-puller. He lives in the slum area of the city. He supports his family through great hardship. He lives from hand to mouth. His family lives in great poverty. Everyday he earns a very little by pulling rickshaw. What he earns is spent to maintain his family somehow. He passes his days in great troubles. There is severe poverty in his family for which his family members suffer a lot. He is to undergo hard labour. His sorrows know no bounds. There is no time table of his work. He works long hours on a day. He usually pulls his rickshaw from morning to midnight. He earns very scanty to meet up the demands of his family. Usually he lives a poor life which is under poverty level. We can better his condition if we evaluate his hard labour. It is our holly duty to sympathetic towards him. Our kind behavior may lead him to a happy and prosperous direction.

02. Write a paragraph about 'Tree plantation' by answering the following questions. a) What is tree plantation? b) What does it provide us? c) Why is it important? d) Why is it in threat? e) How can we succeed the programme? f) What is proper time to plant trees?

Tree plantation/Afforestation Trees are one of the gracious gifts of nature. Tree plantation means afforestation or planting trees more and more. This is a programme taken by the government to save environment from deforestation. Trees are very useful and necessary for the ecological balance. They are the vast source of medicines to heal us from diseases. They give us oxygen without which we can not survive. They are also a great source of food, vitamins and furniture. But the important aspect of environment is destroying by the unwise acts of the people. Cutting down of trees indiscriminately leads to desertion. We should plant more and more trees to maintain a harmony between men and nature and also to save our environment. June and July are the proper time for tree plantation. Tree plantation week is observed every year around the country. Trees can be planted on the banks of ponds, rivers, by the sides of the roads and highways. The government and the public should work together to materialize tree plantation programme. It is true that more we plant trees; the more we do good to us.

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