Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Seen Comprehension The first thing is that

Part-A : Seen Comprehension
Read the passage carefully and answer the questions following it :
The First thing is that teaching gives women a better opportunity to take care of both home and carrier. Very few people realise the amount of work that a teacher has to do. A teacher not only has to take classes but also has to assess student’s test and exam scripts after class hours. Also he has to study and be aware of the latest findings and developments in the field of teaching.
In the university teaching profession, a good postgraduate degree from a well-known university is essential for the better carrier path. However you can develop as a teacher by doing refresher courses from time to time, by doing study and research and most importantly by cooperating with your colleagues.
Opportunities for professional development exist equally for everyone in teaching. Yet due to social and family circumstances, it often becomes difficult for women to take them. Thus they fall behind in the merit race. It is not that easy for a woman to leave her family and home behind in order to receive training abroad, even sometimes within the country.
The most important thing in any woman’s successful career is the support she gets from her family. This is something that can make or break her career.
Things are definitely changing though the change is slow and there is much scope for improvement. The new generations or women in the workplace seem more assertive and confident in their work. They are more organaised and have a lot more courage than what we had in our day. I feel that the new generation of women can go far in to their career as they now have more confidence in themselves.
1. Choose the best answer from the alternatives.
a) In your country a female teacher enjoys —— favorable chance in teaching as males.
(i) more (ii) less (iii) little (iv) proportionate.
b) ——— creates impediment for a women for self development in teaching.
(i) Own unwillingness (ii) opposition from society (iii) Inequality (iv) social and family constraint.
c) A teacher’s duty is ——
(i) to conduct classes (ii) to check scripts (iii) to set questions (iv) all of the above.
d) In the field of teaching a teacher has to be conscious of the——
i) latest findings (ii) latest developments (iii) latest study (iv) most recent findings and developments.
e) The new generations of women are more assertive. Here the word ‘assertive’ means
(i) badly expressive (ii) submissive (iii) positive (iv) narrative.
2. Write, whether the following statements are true or false, if false, give the correct answer.
a) Gender discrimination does not prevail in teaching profession.
b) Taking classes is the only job of a teacher.
c) Training programmes for the teachers are offered both in home and abroad.

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